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New Year's Eve muted by Omicron


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I’m not ‘muted’ - I am out partying in a bit!

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Meanwhile life in Japan seems practically normal and stress free .

Whether you have been vaccinated or not .

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Kyo wa heiwa dayo

Meanwhile life in Japan seems practically normal and stress free .

Whether you have been vaccinated or not .

Yes. So glad to be here, and not in places like Australia, Canada or Germany. Not to mention Austria.

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New Year’s Eve is always muted in Japan, every year and also regardless of anything, corona or not. But yes, one little thing has changed, indeed. A few years before corona they made a special uncommon new year’s firework at the harbor for the rich Chinese on those shopping tours by cruising ships. So it’s now back to normal and such more muted without all those incoming tourists.

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I think people that normal people have learned some things from Covid.

Many have learned that some of their family, friends and associates who won’t be vaccinated, or resist the simple thing of wearing a mask, or buy into nutty conspiracy theories, or can’t discern fact from fiction should be avoided. They are disappointed to learn just how headstrong and wrong they are. That’s a good thing.

I do feel sorry for the children of these people. Learning to thrive in life can’t be done in a bubble of BS.

I also think social media and the media have some responsibility by encouraging the false prophets for profit.

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South Africa just reported that their Omicron wave has basically passed.

They are only 23% fully vaccinated, so 43,000,000 are unvaccinated.

Not a single death among those 43,000,000 attributed to Omicron.

In fact, compared to Europe and North America, the unvaccinated billion in Africa is doing extremely well.

I agree. If the government stops over politicizing the issue, this will pass very quickly, but….

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