New Zealand's Ardern to host emergency APEC virus summit


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"Nobody is safe until everyone is safe," she said.


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Please reschedule this meeting for 23 July, to send the world an important message on priorities.

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As much as I think she’s in the position because of Winston’s spite, she is really showing she has some serious pull in organizing this

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Nobody is safe until everyone is safe.


...and so what?

What a "genius"...


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Honor freedom of speech and say the word you wanted to. It’s btw always like a gratification to be suspended by all those communists that think to rule the whole internet and more.

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"Nobody is safe until everyone is safe," she said.

Not many global leaders will be judged kindly by history for their performance over the past 2 years but Ardern will.

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The vaccine roll out is going terribly in nz.

There clearly isn't a rush for every nzder to be safe

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"Nobody is safe until everyone is safe," 


A vaccine is most certainly individually effective as science shows, and herd immunity doesn’t require everyone be vaccinated.

Each country can do best by the rest by getting its population vaccinated as fast as possible.

The big problem seems to be with central governments trying to run nationwide vaccine distribution programs. That’s not a speciality of central government.

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The big problem seems to be with central governments trying to run nationwide vaccine distribution programs

It ain’t really the central governments fault when a bunch of flag-humpers decide not to get vaccinated in some kind of perverse, “you can’t control me” protest against their own best interests. Just look at the US: is there any wonder that the new Delta variant hotspots are cropping up in MAGA strongholds? It’s be one thing if the delta variant just torched those too dumb to get vaccinated, but these people have made themselves and their states into living incubators for new, ever more virulent strains.

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