New Zealand expects plan for safe travel with Australia in June


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Australia hasn't even opened up it borders internally let alone to NZ...politicians are still squabbling against each other and it does look like its going to get any better Australia has become one big police state..

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Yes, the good signs of returning back to normal just keep on coming. I’m from the US, New Jersey in fact, and more and more things are being lifted, I’m really happy to see that. Yes, we needed to shut down a bunch of things and do some self quarantine stuff, so we can get a handle on this virus. But now that we’ve basically done that, it’s time to re-open things. In phases yes, but still reopen things.

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And the main reason why I say that, and something that I’ve been thinking about in recent days, is the fact that there’s a lot more awareness of this now. I mean obviously, but people now obviously know what to do and what not to do regarding the virus. 6 feet apart, or 2m if you use the metric system, thorough handwashing, avoid big crowds for now at least, etc.

So now that that’s true, and that things are being opened up, in phases, once again I say go for it.

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