New Zealand to ease lockdown on April 27


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Good move IMHO - with only single digit infections over the last few days, it was no doubt very tempting to reduce the alert level right now. Ardern recently said she wanted to eliminate the virus entirely from NZ, and she may just do that, although keeping it from returning will no doubt prove impossible. Lets not forget NZ implemented some of the most, if not the most restrictive quarantine measures of any country in the world, and they did it very early - even before the first confirmed case in the country. Some would say its 'police state' tactics, but you cannot deny its success with a very very low mortality rate and no overwhelmed heath system.

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Nice to see examples of countries that appear to be over the worst and ready to start the process of easing. It's interesting to look back at what happened in various locations during the 1918 pandemic and the variation of those who started restrictions early vs. late and also those who eased off too much, too quickly and had a second wave which dragged the whole painful shut down on for longer, versus those who were cautious and measured in the reopening.

Best of luck to us all. May NZ be a guiding light.

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In New Zealand we need to get our eye back on the goal. and go fir another two weeks. We're so close. Comprising just before achieving a brilliant outcome must be a saddening decision for Jacinda.

The goal of complete elimination was daunting and many were skeptical, but it's not impossible.

Transmission needs to be 0.0 to eliminate. Stamp out the virus (Jacindas own words). Listen to the Professor Shaun Hendy  not the economic fear-mungers


The virus is what it is. For breaking lockdown too early, the Social Political outcome will be unforgiving. People first, economic growth can be replaced, people cannot.

A leader strong enough to change her mind is required and would be amazing, Bodhisattva like. Her days are young. Shine Radiantly Already!

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Per capita wise, they're not that much better off than Japan.

Until you look at the testing that has been done.

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