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New Zealand lawmaker apologizes over Muslim rant


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Ok, we all accept your SINCERE apology! So call the jihad (holy death sentence) off too!

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I think calling Islam a stone age religion went a little far.

He should have called it a primitive/tribal or unsophisticated religion.

As for the blanket ban, ask yourself what other Religion is infamous in this day and age for physically attacking those who chose NOT to believe in it?

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What most people probably don't realize is that we are all equally treated as potential terrorists. That's why grandma gets searched before going on a plane. It's more about not being insensitive to certain groups more than anything else.

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@BigDan I always thought that since Islam was the youngest religion it was less mature than the others, that's why they acted like it was still the 14th century, lopping off heads and what not. I keep trying to revise this view but then I open the news and see it happening again and again.

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