New Zealand offers contraception to women on welfare


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New Zealand leading the way again. Good job.

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Straight out of the NWO playbook. This is just an initial step. Soon they will ease people into sterilization. The plan is so very clear. Ease people into being completely dependent on government and then dominate them. They are already doing this in India trading T.V.'s , cars or cash in exchange for vasectomies.

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"However, opponents claimed the measure bordered on state-control of women’s reproductive choices"

These idiots never cease to amaze me with their 'logic'. No one is forcing them to take the contraceptives, hence it is an OPTION! an option, I might add, they would NOT have if these 'rights' groups had their way. They literally talk about taking away a woman's options while they strive to limit them.

Anyway, good on NZ! Once again they lead the way while certain other countries -- ahem -- take steps backwards.

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Smithinjapan: I agree completely! Some people would love to have affordable or free birth control in able to prevent pregnency when they aren't feeling ready for it. I was very lucky that when I was in university there was a sexual health clinic that gave me free ''samples'' of the pill that I was already taking. I told them I didn't have enough money that month but really wanted to keep taking the pill. For people like me, it could be a lifesaver! (NOTE: without the pill I cannot leave my house for 3 days a month on the count of passing out and vomiting...oh the joys of being a woman!)

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There are a certain group of people coughlibertarianscough who would blindly reject anything the government offers to the people, even if it's beneficial to them and it's in their own interest. Well, better stock up on gold to hide under the mattress, and don't forget to buy that tin-foil hat...

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This is so needed here in Japan these days too!

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Everything else is handed out to those on welfare, so why not an offer of free contraception too?

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This is a pretty good idea... I was on welfare when I was a kid... and to be honest, other people I met that were also on the program I would NOT like them to have kids when they are 16. They don't have a good financial situation, living environment is not the best or safest, and having a kid grow up in that type of environment is rough.

It was voluntary... so why the complaints?

Maybe if Men and their sons who were on welfare were offered condoms this would be... fair?

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Good idea. Go NZ! - first country to give women the right to vote.

First country to see the light of day (in more ways than one).

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@nandakandamanda how about free jobs?

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Free jobs?

They'll be doled out next week. :-)

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“I think they are putting it in a way that implies that people on benefits are having children deliberately, so here, have some contraception, that will stop the problem. I think that is a bit simplified,” she said.

Actually I remember seeing interviews with young teenagers in NZ saying that they had a kid to be on benefit. An alternative to employment.

But free contraception won't fix that if they want to stay on benefit by having a kid.

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Wasn't it always available for free via places like planned parenthood?

Perhaps if governments stopped making it so damn easy to collect more money if you have more kids, women on welfare wouldn't have so many? Have another kid? Get a bigger house! One more kid? More money! Stop giving them homes and money and make it so that they have to go to school to get an education so they can find a job!

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Far from offering it, contraception should be a CONDITION of recieving welfare. No pill, no cheque.

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I am with the Right Wing, if you are too poor and can not even take care of your OWN self, YOU SHOULD not be bringing in more hungry mouths to feed in New Zealand or any other country on the face of the earth, so NZ is doing a good job and I agree, IT SHOULD BE MANDATORY for welfare women there and heck all over the world too.

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100% agree with you vast - thing is, no government has the balls to do it. They should! Would save everyone a ton of cash!

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I'd add in work or education in there. Want welfare? Go out and pick up garbage, volunteer at a school, go and help old people with their shopping or be in some sort of training course.

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warallthetime is spot on. They're just easing us into state mandated sterilization.

Next, they'll offer tax breaks to people who sterilize themselves.

As with everything the government does, first it'll be voluntary and then mandatory.

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(NOTE: without the pill I cannot leave my house for 3 days a month on the count of passing out and vomiting...oh the joys of being a woman!)

@ sakurala: I am not a woman, but let me ask, what did women through the ages do before the pill was invented? Somehow they managed to survive.

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“We believe that women in this country have the right to control their own reproduction,” she said.

I can agree with that. But in the same manner, if a woman wants to control her reproduction, then she should pay for it or find ways to do it without the taxpayers having to foot the bill. As the saying goes: "If it feels good, do it," but not on the tax payers dime.

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let me ask, what did women through the ages do before the pill was invented?

Many suffered in silence. It's the reason we're supposedly the 'weaker' sex - nothing to do with muscles and biceps.

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Or we could ask the catholic church to take care of all the unwanted babies.

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Apply this to men on welfare too.

Yes, I'm a male.

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Alphaape: Like Cleo said, they probably just suffered in silence. But during those times, most women were either working in the fields, their cottage industies or stay at home mothers and not expected to go to a specific job for a specific set of time each day. So, if I were vomiting all morning but got the strength to tend to my corn in the afternoon, I would be out there doing it. But there is no way at the present moment that I could go to my job and expect them to just leave me alone in the bathroom for 4 hours and then let me continue to my work where I may faint in front of 40 unsuspecting students. Therefore, I am happy that the pill gives me the oppurtunity to work and keep full time employment. I am quite sure I would be fired if I called in sick for 3 days every month...and then, or the irony...I would have to go on welfare.

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and not expected to go to a specific job for a specific set of time each day

.@ sakuraia: But this story talks about giving the pill for free to women on welfare, not the ones that are going to work, or can't afford to miss work due to monthly menstural issues. Also, no where in the article does it say that the issuance of pills would be for these problems, but for the matter of contraception.

Don't get me wrong, I am for people taking a serious look at sex and determining if they are ready to have kids or not.

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Alphaape: why do you think some women are on welfare? Some can't hold down a job because of a medical condition be it physical or mental. I am just suggesting that some women may be very happy to take the pill for free so they could once again get back on their feet and get back into the workforce. Once they get working again I am sure they would gladly pay for their own pills. Yes, I know it is a small minority which would be helped, hence why they don't mention its other benifits, but every unemployed person counts and if the fix is simple,why not help them.

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