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New Zealand suspends extradition treaty with Hong Kong

By Saeed KHAN

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Good for NZ. Communist China has virtually no friends now, and citizens of these democracies have already begun boycotting goods made by Chinese.

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New Zealand suspended its extradition treaty with Hong Kong on Tuesday in protest at a "deeply concerning" new security law China has imposed on the territory, joining its allies in sanctioning Beijing over the move.

Yes!!!!!!!!!!! New Zealand! Bold message to China! I stand with a Chinese free Hong Kong!

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A real must read.


The sentiment is growing world wide. Brace yourselves. We may witness the fall of the Chinese empire in our lifetime.

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Agreed Simian. I too have respect for China and its history. The problem I have is with its regime.

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A little surprised by this. Ardern her government have been hesitant to criticise China on anything.

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Right Step.

The CCP's is bent upon destroying Hong Kong and anyone else who speaks out against them.

Isolating China will require a more concerted global effort, we are too much dependent on cheaper Chinese good and it will be a habit hard to break.

Though China does have friends, the ones it pays to befriend!!!

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With the UK looking to trade, CANZUK would be a great bulwark against a belligerent China while supporting similar democracies not USA

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The Hong Kong handover was the litmus test in how far China would promote human rights while getting access to Western markets.

The Western approach has only ended in a more deeply entrenched authoritative Chinese state.

Two winners out of this debacle - Chicom and Corporate.

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The person in the above photo is our version of donald trump. His name is Winston Peters.

A supreme hypocrite, A back stabber, it all about me type of person.

In New Zealand he is known as either Donald Peters or Winston Trump.

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Spot on ZENJI. He’s very good at picking up on issues that people care about but he’ll do complete 180’s whenever it suits him. A lot of people like him though... seems to be well liked by most elderly. I just hope people remember how much of a backstabber he is.

With that said... he is absolutely right on this.

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