New Zealand to ban big foreign political donations


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buh bye China

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China's got enough citizens in N.Z. and overseas to flood whomever with donations.

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fine for them but still don't entirely buy this notion of massive "foreign interference" ion elections being so influential or decisive.

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"It's in China's interest to extend an influence in New Zealand, there's nothing wrong with that –- that's what great powers do," Rodney Jones, a New Zealand economist based in Beijing told Newshub earlier this year.

Now there's a fine example of posterior kissing from our Beijing-based advisor. He knows who butters his bread.

So far as the new laws, I think laws don't do much to stop influence peddling. They will find a way. People just have to learn to be aware and think critically. (I can dream.)

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They have no real way of stopping this. If foreign entities (ahem China) wish to meddle in local politics, they will just channel the funds through a friendly local.

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