New Zealand to buy enough Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines for entire population


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Getting it really delivered, delivered in time and then fast distributed, that is the problem, not the ordering or buying for the whole population in whatever small or big volumes.

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10 million doses or enough for 5 million people

It is interesting to see that you can vaccine with just 10 million doses a whole country, when on the other side, with the same amount of doses, here in Japan you can just vaccine 1/3 from a single city.

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On the face of it, this is good news, but whether or not the current NZ government can actually deliver the rollout in a timely fashion is another matter. Delivery has not been their strongpoint.

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The COVID-19 vaccines have been made available in record time. An amazing achievement.

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If they handle the roll out as well as they managed the pandemic, the Kiwis will be among the first to put this nightmare completely in the rear view mirror and get on with life.

I both congratulate and secretly envy them.

Hey mates, competent governance. What's that like?

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