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New Zealand to explore AUKUS benefits, boost security ties with Australia

By Renju Jose and Lucy Craymer

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Christopher and I are perhaps the two leaders of nations who are more than anyone else aviation nerds,

Perhaps this New Zealand PM is the one who can revive the NZ air force and get one or two squadrons of F-16's, the newer the better. They cant afford even one squadron of F-35's and having an alternative to the F-35's available would not be a bad thing.

All eggs in one basket is not really sensible. Once the FA-18 super hornets are retired, Australia may replace them with more F-35's but I would prefer they get on board with NGAD or the new UK, Japan and Italy fighter jet program.

NZ could buy one squadron of new F-16's and a number of "loyal wingman" MQ-28 Ghost bat's from Australia as a force multiplier at a much cheaper cost than fighter jets with trained pilots. Lets hope so. NZ has always had crazy brave pilots and the last lot in the A4 Skyhawk's had a reputation as awesome pilots.

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Makes perfect sense.

Japan should also definitely be part of pillar two. I believe such negotiations are ongoing, and I hope they bear fruit.


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But Luxon reiterated New Zealand's nuclear-free stance which he said was "non-negotiable."

This is a "peacetime stance" only. In the event of conflict, New Zealand will be happy to be saved by any allied ships, nuclear powered or not, in the event of an attack on their shipping or territory. They will not hang their people out to die rather than allow nuclear powered ships to use their territory or ports. They may not realize that now, but if a war happens, they will, and very quickly.

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After 7 years of embarrassing isolationist wokeism, New Zealand finally considers rejoining the realm of political common sense. Reaffirmation of closer military ties is like welcoming back a long lost little brother to the family.

ANZACS assemble!

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