New Zealanders get first look at new flag options


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Uhm, what is wrong with the current flag?

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Uhm, what is wrong with the current flag?

It's too Anglo-centric and lacks a distinctive leaf, like Canada's.

I know, it's bollocks.

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Just pick three random colours and make a simple striped flag like most other countries. Then get someone to come up with some guff about what each colour represents. Job done.

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Silver Fern. Or a pink tongue on a black background (a la rolling Stones).

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Time to remove the union jack. My preferred flag would be literally that - the current flag without the UJ.

Unfortunately, thats not included as an option. The Kyle Lockwood designs are quite fetching.

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Uhm, what is wrong with the current flag?

The current flag is a colonial flag that has the Union Jack in the corner. It also does not represent the people of the nation. As much as part of me thinks the money expended in such endeavors is often wasteful, this is an important and highly symbolic gesture.

No nation should have to live under a colonial flag, simple as that.

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The black/ white fern designs are quite distinctive and recognisable, I have one as a bumper sticker; but some of the Maori-inspired spiral designs are also very impressive. Not an easy choice.

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Part of PM John Key's vanity projects to leave this as part of his "legacy". He has enough selfies with global celebrities in his photo album. Recent polls suggested a majority are indifferent or don't want a change. Similarly, the recent roadshow to promote the change has been met with scant indifference with turnouts to meetings in the low double digits. At NZ$26mio, not as if this could not be better spent elsewhere on well being of "lunch for school kids" projects.

Nice summary take by John Oliver :o)

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"A great flag should be distinctive and so simple it can be drawn by a child from memory." source:

Reviewing the forty designs is certainly daunting. The simplest bold design: New Southern Cross -Wayne William Doyle. Most Cheerful: Manawa (Blue & Green) -Otis Frizzell. Coolest Revision: Black Jack -Mike Davison.

New Zealand perhaps cannot be summarized. Most of these designs leave the old constraints behind and provide unexpected and highly unusual results. It would be very interesting to hear more of what Kiwis think about flags and what this truly unique national experiment will garner.

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