New Zealanders to vote on flag change in 2016


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Easy to see the Australian confusion.

Don't quite get this, "New Zealanders have fought and died under it for generations and a change would dishonor their memory". Yes, they did fight and die for it. Not for the flag, for what it represented, New Zealand the nation.

Either way, I like the present flag and I like the fern symbol but it may be over used.

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Agree with MarkG about fighting for the country rather than the flag. The U.S. flag has also been altered since WWII. Nobody notices.

A new flag is a good thing I think, not only to clearly part with British colonialism, but also to avoid confusion with Australia and find something that really represents New Zealand.

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How about... two ferns?

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The U.S. flag has also been altered since WWII. Nobody notices.

Hahaha, it's changed because it's built to be changed. Each star on the flag represents a state, and 2 states have been added after WW2 (Alaska and Hawaii). Of course people notice, but it's suppose to change.

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Dump the union jack, lets have a south pacific identity on it, the English dumped us in favour of the EU, our soldiers died for the English and they don't give a toss about it, time to send them and their union jack packing.

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Gotta agree with Storm here. I'm pretty sure your mob will beat us Aussies to the flag change, and good luck. Hopefully a Kiwi change will inspire Australia to find a non-colonial symbol too - Canada did and now they have one of the worlds most recognisable flags.

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Two problems with the Silver Fern design. Firstly, it looks like a company logo (some say it looks like a white feather which alone has connotations). The silver fern is fine on rugby jerseys and tacky souvenirs but not as the symbol of a nation. Secondly, a black flag? Like Isis, Al Qaeda or pirates?

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Just remove the jack from the corner and put a koru or fern there. Simple and effective. Retains a bit of the old (Blue with southern cross) and, in the fern/koru, a recognizable symbol of NZ.

Storm - it wasnt 'the English' it was the British. There have been proportionately more Scot Prime Ministers (per head of population) than English. More importantly, Scots voted to join the EU in the '70s too. You may hate 'the English' but dont use that as an excuse to ignore the facts.

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It's entirely up to the Kiwis what they want to do with their flag. Nobody else's business at all. But, black....?

StormR, every year, the British commemorate the memory of ALL of the soldiers from the commonwealth who died fighting in the two world wars. You obviously have no experience or awareness of the gratitiude that British people feel towards them. A lot of British soldiers fought and died to prevent Australia and NZ being invaded during the war, too. What about your gratitude towards them ?

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