News anchors targeted by deepfake scammers on Facebook

By Rob Lever

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– 'Crisis of trust' –

Multi-modal GLLM deep faking such well-videoed personalities is easy peasy, and their trust was eroded with the corporatocracy's help long ago.

Welcome to the 2020's.

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Time for social media to perhaps be shut down until better controls are in place to ensure fake content and scams are unable to use them. This is harming people and costing many money they cant afford to lose. Not to mention it harms the reputations of people used in these scams.

Something concrete must be done to stop the rot. It is not freedom of speech, it is theft by deception and lies used to tear people down. Also used by some state actors to push fake information to influence outcomes of elections and even conflicts.

It will only get worse if nothing is done. We will end up tearing ourselves apart and end hope for a better future.

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Keeping in touch with extended family is the only reason I have a FB account. If it has ads I never see them.

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Anything promoted by CNN or it's Anchors is questionable, has always been so, regardless whether deep fake or not..

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