Nigerian insurgents blow up 2nd bridge, abduct wife, 2 kids


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"Growing phenomenon"? and "Highjacked"? the religious system of Islam? Only way for that to happen is if there is a door open to that path in the first place. Strip away the extremists and terrorist groups, and you still have "state" supported persecution of non-muslims, blasphemy charges, caning's for "adulterers" even if someone was sexually assaulted against their will, condoning slavery, and so on. If the seed is bad, the fruit it bears will be bad since the roots are rotten.

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I**f the seed is bad, the fruit it bears will be bad since the roots are rotten.

Good Luck my Ass, now you dumb fools got the Whiteman in your Ass ! Nigerian Government and Military have always been Jerks.. Everybody in the world knows it !. Your Government's history and actions are so extreme and corrupt their opposition is of equal balance.. Nut case's like the Boka boy's from up North. Well, Here's how to solve the problem. Kick out the clown wearing his hats, the one you call President. Arrest all the Boka Boys and reform the Military. Ok, Civilians stop crying, and being frightened children, get off you butts and do what you got to do ! That Just the Way it Is!**

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" “Islam enjoins you to live peacefully with fellow human beings. "

Well, it is nice that General Ibrahim Babadinga thinks so. However, in a religious discussion with Boko Haram, he would lose. All the atrocities that Boko Haram committed are directy described and justified in the Haddiths and the Koran.

It impossible to address with islamic fundamentalism without addressing islamic scripture. Where this is taken literally, you get Boko Haram, Al Quaeda, and the likes.

Without a critical enlightenment movement in the islamic world, nothing will change.

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It's amazing how the commentators here see this so locally and not for what it is, which is part of an international proxy war to split certain countries in two, damage their economies and allow stronger forces to come in, sometimes under the guise of protectors, to secure vital resources such as oil. In Nigeria's case this involves splitting the most populace country on the African continent, which now has it's leading economy. This can only serve the interests of the two great blocks who have enslaved and robbed Africa for the last 1,400 years.

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Since when aare nigerians important to mainstream media? Hundreds of thousands where dying in last years. Now 3 og missing and its news? Hahaha

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