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Nigerian president orders full-scale offensive against Boko Haram


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Unfortunately they don't stand a chance against Boko. Hate Boko as much as you want, but they have heart, and the other side of Nigeria does not. They need to cut Boko a deal to stop the killing. The international community needs to press for this deal, and stop providing military support which will only get more killed and accomplish nothing else. Jonathan's empty rhetoric won't brink back the abducted women.

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No offense to my Nigerian brothers but we all know in Africa about Nigeria gangs and thugs so calling these bandits "islamists" because some just bla bla some incoherent arabic words and reference to God , Islam, etc. is ridicule.

I don't remember Koni and his LRA thugs being called "christianits" because of there bla bla about Christ, bible , 10 commandments, etc.

“I assure you that Nigeria will be safe again and that these thugs will be driven away. It will not happen overnight, but we will spare no effort to achieve this goal,” Jonathan said.

We believe in you. Nigeria has one of the most powerful army in Africa and surely they can get rid of these thugs without any outside help. So NATO please keep your aid and soldiers away.

Thank you.

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Good luck Jonathan.

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Good luck Jonathan.

He will need more than any human has ever had. I predict a fail.

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