Nigerian troops have Boko Haram on the run


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This government finally made a serious move on Boko Haram after tens of thousand of their people have already been killed.

Not much of a compassionate government for its people, I'd say.

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Boko Haram heads will roll for this setback!

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" Boko Haram heads will roll for this setback! "

No, they won´t. Boko Haram is on a roll, and with the Shariah-supporting next Nigerian president, that will only increas. If you believe the fake propaganda claims, that is your problem.

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No, wonder the Nigerians are getting on boats, trying to get to Europe, They are better off in a whitemans prison then living in their own country..... Just a sin and a shame ! And that's just the way it is !

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Hope the Nigerian military forces proceed to stone the Boko Haram forces to death.

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Nigerian troops have Boko Haram on the run

Love seeing Islamic fanatics running for the hills. All it took was an election defeat for Goodluck Jonathan to get the job done.

Just hope that his predecessor Muhammadu Buhari will not continue the attacks against those fanatics...

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Run to the hills! Those savages deserve no mercy. Glad to finally hear Nigerian Troops hunting them down. Smoke them outta' their holes!

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