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Nightlife cluster gives S Korea largest virus case rise in a month

By Jung Yeon-je

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And where are the people here saying South Korea is leading the charge against COVID and beat the virus? No country is safe until a vaccine is found.

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I am here....Korea has done an excellent job in containing COVID-19. They let down their guard and this happened. This also happened in Singapore (around 3 weeks ago) when they also let down their guard.

I still maintain Korea has done an excellent job of this, tried to relax restrictions, and now needs to dial them in again.

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Supposedly it was a gay bar and as homosexuality is kept secret for the most part in Korea no one wants to admit being in those clubs.

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And where are the people here saying South Korea is leading the charge against COVID and beat the virus? No country is safe until a vaccine is found.

Well, nobody ever claimed South Korea “beat the virus.” We have correctly pointed out that South Korea has responded effectively and is leading the charge in that regard. Japan could learn a lot from its closest neighbor.

Tokyo Engineer: Well stated. I appreciate your reasonable posts, for what it’s worth.

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This could happen to countries who are too quick to re-open haphazardly

Even South Korea --who has done things the right way from the start-- and this thing still happened

Imagine how worse it'd be on those countries who didn't do things the right way from the start

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In retrospect, it was miraculous and lucky that the city of Seoul could keep the official death toll from coronavirus at just 2 so far, compared with 171 of Tokyo or even with 20 of Singapore and 4 of Hong Kong. The mayor of Seoul is always wary of the public opinion, and probably hesitated to shutdown the night clubs which could be easily backfired from business owners. Now nobody can criticize the mayor for the order of shutdown. This event highlights the complexity of interactions between biology and politics.

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When South Korea deregulated, the government made it clear.

'No one seems to be on the road that has not passed. Whether our path succeeds or fails, it will have a big impact on the answer to a country that will soon take the same path as us. We shouldn't think it's over. '

Korea is now facing a new wave of infection.

But we were also thinking about it and preparing for it.

Korea is now acting on a new approach.

It is said that Korea is doing well, but there are many differences between speaking and acting.

We seem to be losing all our strength in this nightmare that has started again.

Perhaps the world won't be able to beat the virus until a vaccine is available.

I hope other countries will think more to help their country than to look at this situation and comment.

That is the more favorable way for your country.

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