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North Korea tests new weapons system to improve 'tactical nukes'


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They catapult-launched a peasant holding a hand grenade. (JK)

Those military hats are enormous.

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This is for conventional use. Trying to use it for "tactical nukes" would mean a total nuclear response and the wiping off the map of the North Korean military. They would have maybe an hour to use them before their own destruction is assured. Nothing "tactical" about that.

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Doing all this weapons testing, while the majority of their citizens are starving - disgusting

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Must be difficult for NK to be displaced to the second place as a war mongering dictatorship threating the world with nuclear weapons, maybe that is why it is doing so much appeal to the danger it represents.

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The US B52 and Stealth bombers would flatten NK in one hour

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in 2012, and 2021 Iran's Nuclear facilities came under cyberattacks by Israel and was later confirmed by the U.S, the same could be done with NK, so what is everyone waiting for?

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Libya gave up it's WMD program and 5 years later NATO attacked. Turned by far the most successful North African country to a region wracked by war in which slaves are bought and sold in street markets. The bitter fruit of NATOs existence. Hopefully for the sake of the general population the North Korean regime has enough nukes and deliversy systems to take out at least a dozen major US cities. 1 or 2 isn't enough. The US regime will sacrifice 1 or 2 cities without a moments hesitation.

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This story forgot to mention that without China, there's no targeting, and no tactical. But it's OK, sanctions will stop China and NK ever using these systems.

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Sanctions dont work !

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nuke rules as nk is surviving with nothing bt nukes

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