Kim ready to talk more with Trump but warns U.S. not to test North's patience with sanctions


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KJU is a younger and smarter snake oil salesman than Trump.

I thought after exchanging love letters, KJU destroyed all his nuclear weapons and I can now sleep safely. At least that is what my POtuS told me last spring.

Mueller, please get the documentation together so we can have the sham impeachment of this ***** before he starts a war.

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Mueller, please get the documentation together so we can have the sham impeachment of this ***** before he starts a war.

Doesn't have to be if Kim does the right thing and if he doesn’t denuclearize then we hit him with heavy punishing sanctions and if that doesn’t help, then we go to the next step. The ball is in his court, what does Kim want to do? I just wouldn’t want to be Kim now.

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Yes, those punishing sanctions that Trump has but doesn't use? He's got this under complete control.

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And why would he use the extra additional ones now? It wouldn’t make much sense. Give them more time and take it from there if they don’t comply then you hit them with harder sanctions, you make it so bad for them that they will think twice

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Kim seems to have thought this out as:well as Trump does his foreign (and domestic) policy decisions. There is no possibility of eliminating the nuclear threat on NK unless the US goes nuclear-free, which will not happen.

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Bass:. Give them more time

Is that what Trump fans are saying when someone points out Trump hasn't done anything? He is still in the "give them more time" stage of his brilliant plan?

Didn't they recently find new facilities?

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Is that what Trump fans are saying when someone points out Trump hasn't done anything?

No, that’s what the Pentagon.says.

He is still in the "give them more time" stage of his brilliant plan?

Didn't they recently find new facilities?

So he should override the Pentagon?

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Kim will give the nod when he's good and ready. He's a shrewd dictator and has seen how Trump welches on deals.

Also, as the US is showing signs of ratcheting up the arms race, why on earth should Kim stop?

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"Kim ready to talk more with Trump but warns U.S. not to test North's patience"

Excellent! Kim is playing his role very well, keeping up the appearance of standing up to the U.S. whilst preparing for denuking.

"KJU is a younger and smarter snake oil salesman than Trump"

He's younger, but he ain't smarter. And you're confusing KJM and Trump with Mueller.

"Mueller, please get the documentation together so we can have the sham impeachment of this ***** before he starts a war."

Lessee... 2 years in, no new war... withdrawing from Syria, next from Afghanistan...

If he was impeached, which he's not gonna be, it would be a sham all right.

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Once again we see the Apprentice President get played and suckered in the real world. Kim's objective all along was to 1) split the ROK from the US and Japan, and 2) give China and Russia a plausible excuse to relieve sanctions. He's achieving both while leaving Trump empty handed. And he's still building and improving his missiles and nuclear warheads. Win-win for him.

No matter where this President goes, he get taken to the cleaners. Go back to something you're good at Donnie - hosting a boring reality TV show and leave international geopolitics to the adults.

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Their meeting again will be good thing. The entire world will have a better picture as to what is happening and most probably what could occur in the near future.

However, this article has to be put into perspective.

It is a S Korean reporter for Associated Press, writing this article. Other reports by BBC and even CNN differs in references given, in their opinions and in interpretation.

N and S Korea just opened their borders for the new railway to "unite" the two countries in spite of being in "war" status. . They have basically started what the fall of the Berlin wall has created, trying to unite under an extreme imbalance in social, political and economic conditions. S Korea's economy is somewhat sound, but they no longer have the advantage of using the USA and Japan and definitely not China for their economic woes. They need N Korea to be able to hold their own and the sanctions can really hurt both Korea's.

Given the declining economic conditions in China and their aggressive behavior all over Asia and Africa, S Korea needs N Korea to be "strong" enough "militarily" to fend off China. That means their nuclear option must be kept alive for a while. That is until both N & S Korea can be placed under the US umbrella. Unless of course S Korea intends to cut with the US and "defect" to China or attempt to stand together with N Korea.

Also reflect upon the extreme bias against Japan, a US ally, using WWII atrocities (supposedly settled many years ago) and attempt to get monetary compensation. Their actions against Japan all over the world is unprecedented in world history. All the while, Japan is demanding accountability of abductees by N Korea. S Korea's demands definitely overshadows Japan's abductee claims.

In that sense, N Korea's actions appears to be influenced by the needs of S Korea as well. They were after all "one" country till "divided" by China and the US. (For all we know, what is happening may be by "design".)

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Why doesn't UN arrange entire ethnic Koreans all over the world to vote to decide what they want to do with North Korea.

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The US wants a thriving, peaceful, happy Korea with democratic political values and mostly capitalistic economy that is open for imports and exports. The people

That is impossible with a dictatorship and centrally controlled, military-based, economy.

The hope was that applying pressure would get NK to move in the desired direction. This would be good for China too since millions of consumers next door would be good for business, but only if those good people have money to spend on non-food items.

You'd think that NK would realize that neither the USA or China want the country. Both of them want a peaceful NK that doesn't threaten regional or world peace.

Trump tried to make Kim feel more at ease, which worked to some degree, but not sufficiently.

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Trump has been ineffective on North Korea. He keeps giving them concessions and love letters while they are continuing to build facilities and have made it abundantly clear they have no intention of disarming.

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Kim Jong-un and N. Korean regime now understand their old trick didn't work with the President Trump. Kim Jong-un message was threatening against the US, Japan and S. Korea.

Kim Jong-un was trying to sway the President Moon Jae-in S. Korean Government away from the United State.

Kim Jong-un act was dishonest. If Kim Jong-un really wanted the US to remove some of sanctions imposed on his country and then he must go ahead with the nuclear weapon disarmament program. Also the N. Korean Government must allow the International nuclear weapon expert team to inspect all nuclear weapon sites and verify its nuclear weapon disarmament program at onsite.

The President Trump should cancel future meeting with N. Korean dictator Kim Jong-un and restart Military exercise with S. Korea.

The United State must be strongly warned to Kim Jong-un not change his mind and he must keep promising for total nuclear disarmament on the Korean Peninsula. Kim Jong-un must stop trying to drive a wedge between the United State and S. Korean Government.

I believed the N. Korean regime will not accept complete nuclear disarmament to his country, even though Kim Jon-un had given promised to the President Trump because the Military Generals won't agree with Kim Jong-un complete nuclear disarmament to N. Korea.

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Wait. What? Didn’t Trump already declare mission accomplished on this? Guess it wasn’t as easy as Trump and his simpletons thought...

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After watching this, and so many other diplomatic disasters, it is worse than incongruous that Trump would have had a book ghost-written for him titled, "The Art of the Deal." The Art of the Scam would be an apt title for Trump's biography.

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"Trump has been ineffective on North Korea."

He's been more effective than Obozo was.

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So should we be getting for the Fatman summit 2.0?

Lots of chocolate cake and diet sodas and nothing more than cheap talk?

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