No evidence Dreamliner fire linked to batteries


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A fire at 30,000 feet would not be "a minor technical problem". I won't be boarding these planes anytime soon.

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Quoting Mark Mangooni, Ethiopian Airlines’ senior manager in Britain, the Financial Times reported that airline staff had discovered a problem with the aircraft’s air conditioning system during a routine inspection and had seen sparks but no flames.

Wait, what?

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Great! So it's not the batteries, supposedly, it's just another problem.

"Thomson said the aircraft had been fully tested and was being taken back into service at once. The airline declined to specify which components had been replaced."

Only one reason I can think of not to name which parts.

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As smithinjapan indicates, this means there is more than one potential cause of fire in this aircraft. And eight hours after it was parked. Unless it was arson or the cleaning crew was smoking at work, this sounds quite serious for the operation of the 787.

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ok, GS Yuasa shares will go up although Boeing share closed down 4.7% on Friday !

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