No. of dead pigs found in Shanghai river almost 6,000


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Looks like China needs to do more than pull pigs out of the river.. That water is NASTY!!!

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They should really do more to protect the Chinese police force...this is appalling. Teach the cops to swim, maybe.

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How have so many go undetected till it reached Shanghai?

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“The water quality of the upper reaches of the Huangpu river is generally stable, basically similar to the same period last year,” the statement said.

For the Chinese standards,of course!

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If the water quality was within "national standards", I'm sticking to bottled water on my next visit to China unless I have a craving for bacon-flavored water...

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Looks like it will be bottled water for all that can afford it. Luckily, China is on the rise, so it will be bottled water for everyone.

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Can not they just bury them? What kind of concern do they have for the downstream residents?

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China as I have been saying is on the road to explode and/or implode or both, this pig non-sense is all part of that, man I feel sorry for people that have to eat/drink in China, CLEARLY there is a massive problem

I love Chinese food but if I ever went to China I wouldnt want to eat or drink anything other than BOOZE, but not beer in a bag, bottled only, imported as well

China is going downhill FAST!

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This little piggy went to market, this little piggy stayed home..I wonder how poor old Mother Goose would get a rhyme out of six thousand dead piggies.

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And how do you know where your bottled water comes from?

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1.35 billion people in China, and nobody notices anyone dumping 6000 dead pigs into a major river, or floating past? It's been almost a week since this story broke and 'officials are still investigating'. Either the 'officials' are incompetent, or they're afraid naming the culprit is going to create a lot of embarrassment for someone important.

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Water quality is the most serious issue in China and Asia. People need to understand that a billion+ people live in China and must be fed. =Not all of these people can escape to other places that are less polluted and get food and water. How will people grown in a toxic environment like China do in life? What effect will this have on brain power/memory skills/human growth.

-then you add in all the air pollution (much of which travels to Japan).

**Very similar to the Fukushima incident, but with China it is almost a Fukushima type toxic poisoning every day. At least with Fukushima you had some protest, but with toxic China it is accepted. --> That is really sad because self-sufficient farmers in China laid the groundwork for all of Asia ---> when that ends what will happen to Asia?

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Yeah guys no one is supposed to drink the tap water in China anyways, as with most developing countries. My homestay family in Beijing they bought their drinking water separately to use in their 5 gallon water dispenser. Anyways, 1/2 of the residences that lived on the same street didn't even have running water in their homes to begin with. So yeah, China, despite what anyone says, is still a 3rd world country. I wasn't living too far from the center of the city either, btw. I was in Beijing for a month, which was quite long enough for me. Will never go back. Macao, Hong Kong, Taiwan will be as close as I ever get again.

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Am I the only one who heard about this and didn't find it surprising at all? The blame card is gonna be passed along until it stops and heads will (maybe literally) roll. It's the "Great Leap Forward" all over again: you MUST reach your quotas, or you'll die, so if something goes wrong -which it most certainly is likely to with inferior equipment and training -you lie about it and it all appears to be good. But when push comes to shove, it falls apart and things are shaken up again.

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Just creepy.

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Simply unacceptable, 6000 dead pigs dumped onto the river and smog with dirty air pollution blowing to other countries. Is this the result of China communist revolution or me and my money come first ethical practices in modern China?

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This is simply grotesque.

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It is all part of the culture of corruption in China.

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And more red algea will bloom along the pork rich coastline from China's delicious toxic stew.

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Those 'pig capitalists' who threw dead pigs into the river should have their license confiscated and sent to jail. This episode was caused by severe cold and the pigs die. The river is still quite cold, so they must be thinking it is only a short trip from their farms to the open sea. A cheap way to dispose off dead pigs in the middle of the night! One farm do it and everybody else copy! But punishments should be forthcoming!

I don't think the water is polluted yet if the dead pigs are not bloated and it looks that way in the pictures I had seen. So I think the water authorities are telling the truth, the water is safe!

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The Mersey river in the UK was once a purple colored waterway of death, that changed, but it took time to stop paper mills and soap companies from dumping their toxic effluent into it.

On the Cheshire plain there are many ponds due to the salt flat that lies beneath it, and these ponds have been used for centuries to dump unwanted farm machinery and carcasses of livestock. That may have changed.

I am not writing as an apologist for China, but to throw brickbats at Shanghai is ignoring the fact that all developing industrialized nations go through an arc of pollution then realization that pollution is a bad thing. Then they clean it up. This happened in the city of Suzhou, close to Shanghai about ten years ago, and has set a precedent in China.

Maybe readers might like to read up on Minamata Disease.

Glasshouses, and all that.

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While the dead pigs are shocking the fact that the guy pulling them out is knee deep in garbage, primarily styrofoam, is a greater concern. I live in Chiba and the beaches and river banks here are also covered in styrofoam. Most of it seems to be from boxes used by the commercial fishing and farming industries. It's the same everywhere in Asia, including Thailand. Some of the worst polluters seems to be the very people who make a living from the land and sea.

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