No question of withdrawing Suu Kyi Nobel Peace Prize: official


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"The rules of the Nobel Peace Prize do not allow it."

Why not add a new rule then ?

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Besides, how would they get their money back?

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The Rohingya genocide was propaganda of the OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperative) that used the UNHCR and the UN as its proxy. The raped and massacred are all lying and they have no proved. They are reporting faked story from Bengali refugee women and men. They were told to lie by the ARSA and activists.

The wealthy Middle East Governments lead the OIC was campaigning for to humiliate Daw Aung San Su Kyi since Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein was elected to the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights' Office. The OIC wants the Burmese Government to grant citizenship to all illegal migrants from Bangladesh.

The OIC had pressured former UN Chief Ban Ki-moon to recognize those illegal Bengali migrants from Bangladesh as Rohingya, native ethnic of Rakhine state, Burma. Ban Ki-moon knew those illegal Bengali immigrants in Rakhine State are native peoples of Rakhine state, Burma. Former UN advisor and researcher Dr. Jacques Leider had already advised to the UN about his finding of the Rohingya but Ban Ki-mmon ignored and declared the Rohingya as native Burmese ethnic.

Where’s honesty and fairness in the UN organization?

Now the UN was ethnically and morally corrupted organization because the UN was used by the group of rich and powerful the OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperative).

Most of the UN recognized Rohingya peoples are former refugees of East and West Pakistani civil war from 1970s and the illegal immigrants who crossed border illegally and they illegally settled on the fertile and uncultivated land inside Rakhine State, Burmese border.

There were no border guard posts and no Police or no Army patrol on the Burma side before because the Burmese regime was war with Karen in Karen state and Tanintharyi state, war with Shan in Shan state, war with BCP (Burma Communist) in Pegue state, Shan state and Kachin state, war with Kokang and WA in Shan state, war with Kachin in Kachin state and the war with Naga and Chin in Chin state.

The Army in Rakhine state was heavily involved in timber trafficking to Bangladesh and the Immigration Officers were selling Burmese citizen identity card to illegal Bengali migrants from Bangladesh. The Navy was collecting money from illegal fishing boats. The system was broken for over a half century under military regimes.

That is the fact of the illegal migrant exodus from Chittagong region, Bangladesh to the Rakhine State, Burma. The illegal Bengali migrant population is more than the native Rakhine ethnic population in Rakhine State. Rakhine and other native ethnics of Rakhine state are a minority in their own land and they were fearful of attack and rob by those illegal migrants. The illegal Bengali migrants from Bangladesh are not minority as the journalists’ report in the media.

Now they want an independent Islamic state in northern Rakhine State. The OIC was behind the Islamic terrorist group the ARSA attack on 30 Burmese border guard posts on August, 2016. The OIC wants to create destabilize in Rakhine State and to establish a safe zone for the illegal Bengali migrant protection by the UN security force.

Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein is an evil man. He used the UNHCR and the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, a position for his evil work. It’s all about religion.

I know, Daw Aung San Su Kyi won’t be bullied and blackmailed by humiliation and the Nobel Peace award. She won't be sad if the Nobel Committee was pressured to withdraw her Nobel Peace Award by the wealthy and powerful Middle East Arab Governments lead the OIC.

Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein and the OIC will not win in this war. They have created a refugee exodus and now the Bengali refugees are limbo. The Burmese Government is generously trying to resettle those Bengali refugees in Rakhine state but they wanted more.

 Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein and the OIC need to sort out the problem they have created.

Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein and the OIC can’t tell where 25,000 bodies were buried in Northern Rakhine State. Everything the Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein, UNHCR and the OIC was lie. They used the UN and the UNHCR. The truth will uncover one day.  

God see the truth but waits.

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Chop chop

That was one crazy post buddy.

Good to see you have completely convinced yourself that you are right.

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