Nobel Prize season arrives amid war, nuclear fears, hunger


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Zelensky will get the peace prize, just like Obama (the drone king), Aung San Suu Kyi for her slaughter of the Rohongis did.

interesting in this article says “Wars in Ukraine and Ethiopia” but not Yemen.

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Stockholm should create a Nobel War Prize worth a thousand times the prize money of the Nobel Peace Prize awarded to Ukraine to drive Putin out of the beautiful country of yellow sun flowers blue sky and beautiful peaceful people.

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I'd also wonder whether having Nationals from these 3 Countries poses a security risk within your Company's employment... think about it carefully.

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When Stockholm creates a Nobel War Prize worth a million times the prize money of the Nobel Peace Prize with the help of NATO countries and award the Prize to Ukraine's Prime Minister Zelensky to drive Putin completely absolutely out of his beautiful country of sun flowers blue sky and beutiful peaceful people, Mr Nobel would wear a happy smile in his grave.

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Nobel Prize season arrives amid war, nuclear fears, hunger:

While other Nobel Prizes remain credible & commendable, the Peace Prize reflected lots of controversy in the past many decades, awarded to many who did not deserve it at all.

Same again this year. So..?

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The peace prize is worth less than a spoon of salt. It's obvious who's going to get it this year.

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This is he season Japan loves even more than the UNESCO Prizes.

if one theirs wins all is right with the world.

I bet they will be rolling out Haruki Murakami yet again.

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he Kremlin has cracked down even harder on independent media, including Muratov's Novaya Gazeta,

The Kremlin , the CCP along with rulers in North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Iran and the UAE hate independent media. Independent media, i.e media not controlled by an autocracy, frightens autocrats and their supporters, but still the autocrats pay their supporting minions to use the independent media found in most democracies to spread misinformation and disinformation in their attempts to undermine democracies. And many media outlets in democracies have helped the autocrats spread misinformation and disinformation. Follow the money.

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The Nobel prize is far from always fair. Especially the lierature- and peace prizes.

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