Noose tightens on Hong Kong as China Congress set to open

By Helen Roxburgh and Xinqi Su

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Four of my good HK friends have had their email turned off by the CCP. I have no clue as to how they and their families are. One was a police officer.

I nor my spouse will ever set foot again in China. Long live Taiwan, Tibet, Uhgers, and HK friends

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to make sure that only those loyal to Beijing govern Hong Kong

...and the world should make sure that all who are loyal to Hong Kong should boycott Beijing!

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Noose indeed. They are coming for Taiwan next. Let's hope Ol' Joe keeps the carriers fuelled up and the Marines ready to go.

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I have no clue as to how they and their families are.

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Beware any government that asks for a loyalty test

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With the swamp back in power in the US, it is all green lights for the CCP.

I have friends in Taiwan, and they are worried, with good reason.

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My friends in Taiwan told me they were way more worried under trump because he cozied up to Xi for four years. They said Biden and the democrats create way more of a feeling of protection due to their consistency with China.

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If you live in Hong Kong or Macau, it is time to raise cash (I'd use 3 different cryptocurrencies), move assets overseas, and get the hell out. Hopefully, it isn't too late. I fear it is.

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