Nordic PMs say they still plan to join NATO together


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reaffirmed their intent to have the two countries join the military alliance at the same time.

Which means they won't join independently.

Thus, thanks to Turkey, the idea of NATO expansion is dead in the water.

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Swap Turkey for these guys. Win-win

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Don't know why they call it NATO anymore. It's trying to dominate the world and invade Russia and China. Unless NATO stands for No Action Talk Only.

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Thus, thanks to Turkey, the idea of NATO expansion is dead in the water.

Maybe not. The Turks just called seven EU foreign ministers in for a dressing down because they closed their consulates in Istanbul, fearing attacks by locals angry over the koran burnings in Sweden and Netherlands. The Turks are making threatening noises now at Norway because someone is similarly threatening to hold a protest with a koran burning there. The Turks also yelled at the US ambassador because the US told its citizens in Turkiye to keep away from crowds or places where they might be hurt due anti-koran burning protests going on in Turkiye. It seems like the Turks are currently upset a wide swath of NATO members.

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Here is an example of the anti-Erdogan mood in the US Congress where at least one member is saying openly now that if Turkiye blocks Sweden from joining NATO then not only would there be no F-16 sale but the US and other NATO nations should impose sanctions on Turkiye.

I think in the end the Turks are either going to back down or leave NATO. Either way Sweden and Finland will join.

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The sign in the last photo is classic proclaiming Happy Hour below which is advertised "Classic Swedish Meatballs" and below that "Glogg". I don't think I would make it to the negotiations if I stopped there, lol.

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Two of the most progressive and peace loving countries can't join NATO together because of a borderline dictator in Turkey with friendly ties to Russia.

Yes, life is strange.

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Sweden and Finland will join NATO. With or without Turkey remaining in NATO. And for those obviously intellectually challenged, NATO is not "invading" anybody. Only Russia is invading Ukraine.

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The Turks are becoming more belligerent by the day.

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