North demolishing hotel that was symbol of Korean engagement


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I don’t get the point here in this crazy propaganda overdoing. Of course it looks more than shabby, and they should be more than happy, that it is dismantled for free, at the costs and workforce of the other side. Instead of big loud and cheap propaganda attempts only a silent little thank-you-letter from the hotel owners would have been sufficient.

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Quite a legacy Moon left

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Has Kim lost weight? Nobody around him seems to have found it.

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Was wondering why I couldn't book my indoctrination holiday at Diamond Mountain.

Oh well, will have to reserve a room at the trusty Hotel Bum Suk, Pyongyang.

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This floating hotel has always been a 'while elephant' and has some history behind it. Great Barrier Reef Saigon North Korea. Won't be missed.,a%20cult%20following%20in%20Australia%22.

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That should be 'White Elephant'.

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The hotel is the same shape as his haircut. Needs rethinking.

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Destroy, Damage, Bombs, Threats, and the list goes on with these kind of people who think we care a rats A$$ what they want or are doing. Go away Kim Jun Family.

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There is less here than initially appears. Look carefully at the photo. You can see this hotel is floating. It is built on a big barge. It was in fact built back in 1986 as the world's first floating hotel. It was positioned over the Great Barrier Reef as a tourist attraction by an Italian born businessman in Townsville. It was called the Four Seasons Barrier Reef Resort. Bad weather did the project in. The catamaran ferry could not sail nor could the helicopter operate if the weather was bad, and it wasn't real comfortable on board as it pitched and rolled. A cyclone just before opening day damaged the swimming pool beyond repair and the only thing guests could really do was dive the reef. It failed as a going business.

The hotel was moved to Saigon, renamed the Saigon Hotel (known locally as "The Floater") and was successful there for a time. Moored on a river seasick guests were not a problem and it was connected to land. It eventually fizzled. It was purchased by DPRK and moved to a site just north of the DMZ where it sits today. It was for a time managed by Hyundai Asan, named Hotel Haegumgang. and was aimed at guests visiting Mount Kumgang. In 2008, a North Korean soldier shot and killed a 53-year-old South Korean woman who had wandered beyond the boundaries of the Mount Kumgang tourist area and into a military zone. As a result, Hyundai Asan suspended all tours, and Hotel Haegumgang shut down along with everything else. Since then it appears to have been used intermittently by officials of the Korean Workers Party. It remains the only floating hotel ever built but it is old and as you can see rusty.

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Has Kim lost weight? Nobody around him seems to have found it.

He looks a lot more porcine in that photo than he has recently in other public appearances.

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Looks like the hotel is built on a float, which is anchored to a port by ropes. The file photo shows the structure is already rusting, indicting it may have been out of service for some time.

If so, what's the fuss about all this? Maybe, North Korea is dismantling it without notifying South Korea about it. if so, North Korea is to blame for that point alone.

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