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North Korean leader Kim says U.S. is Pyongyang's 'biggest enemy'


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Uh, Kim. do ya mean you and TrumpTrash aren't 'lovers' anymore? Why don't you tear up those love letters and go pout in your bedroom, OK?

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And Dolt 45 has the nuclear football‼️


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before any leaders' summit can be considered.

In other words hold off on photo-ops to boost Kim at home and market the Trump brand internationally.

Kim's family dynasty was created by the USSR led by the Russian hero Stalin. Modern Russia's still there with them. As are Xi and China, the nation that backed North Korea from the start.


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Young Kim is old enough to read the tea leaves that tell him Trump's declaration of "love" was strictly transactional whereas with Biden he can only expect more American "tough love" if he refuses to shine Uncle Sam's shoes.

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North Korean leader Kim says U.S. is Pyongyang's 'biggest enemy'

I'm guessing America is more concerned with America right now.  Kim is like a little child that needs attention.  Not now Kim, the rest of the world has a lot on its hands.  Away and play.  There's  good lad.

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When the LDP needs a distraction, Kim pops out and does the Nukey Dukey Dance. (or when J Gov wants more military spending, or is about to have an election to choose Prime Minister...)

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Kim is correct. Both now and when Biden takes over. Nothing will change.

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Kim's 'revolution' is like a rusted bolt.

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America's real friend in this area is Japan. North Korea and South Korea will incline to China. Geographically it is unavoidable. Taiwan and Hong Kong are part of China.

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Yes, well so much for Trump's diplomatic skills.

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North Korea is the world's biggest enemy.

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vanityofvanitiesToday  02:42 pm JST

America's real friend in this area is Japan.

That is the truth. And why you get downvoted here. Japan is the biggest US military presence in Asia and gateway to US regional operations,

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Currently both countries have more severe internal problems than ever before. They shouldn’t waste time and resources to put new escalations on top of that, as they simply cannot afford it any longer.

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The best way the Biden government can do is to daily give Kim Jong Un plenty of whiskey, cognac, butter, blue-diamond pills, and cigarette.

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North Korean leader Kim says U.S. is Pyongyang's 'biggest enemy'

Er, at what point in the past 70 years has the US ever not been Pyongyang’s biggest enemy?

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The North "should focus and be developed on subverting the U.S., the biggest obstacle for our revolution and our biggest enemy",

Meh. The biggest obstacle to a proper worker's revolution is the Kim dynasty.

He's probably just blustering because he's seen what happens to rogue Presidents.

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This is a negotiation ploy known as “anchoring”. Basically he’s laying down a marker before he starts talks.

His hand is extraordinarily weak. Nukes he can’t use, a military that is starving and does basing combined unit training, an air force that flys less in a year than the USAF flys in a month (and would be swept from the sky in less than a day).

Lay down our own marker: You. get. nothing until you open all your programs and get rid of your nukes.

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Yawn. So what else is new? The US has been NK's biggest enemy since June 1950.

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I know this is oversimplifying things, but Kim should just strike a deal with the Americans. Open up the country, relinquish the dictatorship, reunite with the south and be done with it. In return, he gets his freedom and a cushy life. Win/Win. Sure, he's got money and power no, but for what? A prisoner in his own country.

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I agree but he is terrified of ending up like Gadaffi, beaten to death on the hood of a car by angry citizens.

But will Kim's citizens be angry? Surely this would be a win for them too.

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I get that he's probably not all that popular among his citizens, but if he was the one to break the dynasty, he might end up being their hero, for real, not just pretending. In any case, he could go live wherever he wants just in case he's worried about some holding a grudge.

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Pathetic, but nice try, Kim! Your buddy will be impeached. Give him political asylum.

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Says the man who imprisons entire families and executes people in public.

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Setting the usual "we hate your guts and are going to blow you off the face of the earth" posturing whenever the US gets a new administration. Makes it easier to for them to negotiate from a high position to get whatever they want. Only Potus45 was stupid enough to bite the bait and managed to get nothing from Kim in return for legitimizing the disgusting regime.

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Sorry for his situation and break-up with a former lover. Things just happen but never consider a nuke reaction

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North Korea has long been a dangerous danger to all countries though their military might and most critical nuclear weapons have never been demonstrated. Kim Jong claimed in his latest speech that if the United States continues to use nuclear weapons, it will develop and use more nuclear weapons. We all know what's going to be triggered by a nuclear war; it's all a tragedy and the United States doesn't want to make a decision.

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Give Trump asylum immediately

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The party is over for Kim as the world grows impatient with these childish antics...

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I think all of you are missing something. The North Koreans have never been comfortable having to rely on the PRC and the USSR or Russia for their defense or for anything else. They also didn't like being almost colonies of China and the USSR, as North Korea was still swarming with Chinese troops well into the late 1950s and Kim was restrained in his domestic policies by the Chinese and Russians. After having fought the Japanese for 20 years it felt like Korea was again controlled by outside powers. Even in the early 1960s North Korea was greatly restrained from pursuing an independent foreign policy. Kim Il-sung had a visceral dislike of Nikita Kruschev and turned away from the USSR to rely more on China. However Mao began the Cultural Revolution leading to great internal instability inside China. Fearing China would not be there for the DPRK due to internal divisions, Kim denounced the Cultural Revolution and thus turned Mao against him. Kim's fears were worsened when China and the US began to negotiate diplomatic relations. North Korea's pursuit of nuclear weapons is as much about their fear of the US as it is that they fear that China or Russia won't come through in a pinch. They do not wish to have to rely on either for their defense or for anything else. Thus was born Juche. As far back as the rule of Kim Il-sung there were attempts at achieving some sort of accommodation with the US as a hedge against either the Chinese or the Russians turning against them. In fact one of the very early attempts at reaching an agreement with the US was driven by China's rapproachment with the US. The DPRK had been insisting that PRC make a US withdrawal from South Korea a pre-requisite for normalizing relations with the US. When Mao refused to do this Kim was furious and began looking for ways to contact the US and negotiate an agreement with them.

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How to take Kim's words seriously. Did he not say

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How to take Kim's words seriously. Did he not say

A problem for the west is that Kim does state his intentions and desires, but the language used is so oblique few in the west are able to decipher it. Likewise he takes western statements quite literally. He doesn't do diplomatic nuance and if the west says something he takes it as the literal truth.

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Michael Machida

North Korea is the world's biggest enemy.

No it is not. It is CCP chinas aggressivel little toy poodle. The moment Xi Ping stops supporting NK, the regime would collapse. But that will not happen in any foreseeable future.

At least the nuclear tests have stopped thanks to Trumps clever diplomacy. But Chinas was OK with that, so it was doable.

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At least the nuclear tests have stopped thanks to Trumps clever diplomacy.

Um, Kim put off more missiles in four years of Trump than all of Obama's eight years and Bush's eight years before that.

You're congratulating the guy because NK has temporarily stopped doing something he incited them to ramp up.

That's like congratulating him for condemning the seditioners he riled up into storming the Capitol.

And totally ignores that he left America in a worse position with NK than before Trump came along. Before Trump, NK had never been validated by a photoshoot between their leader and the leader of America. And America used to do war games with South Korea in preparation of any military action by NK. Until Trump shut it down because NK asked him to, without ever doing anything in return.

For those of us who actually know what we're talking about, having watched NK for decades rather than four years of Trump's reign, we know that there has literally not been a bigger failure in regards to North Korean policy ever. From any country, ever since NK became a regime. A complete and utter failure with the only thing you guys can find to try to pretend there is redemption, being that the tests that started up under Trump also stopped under him.


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No it is not. It is CCP chinas aggressivel little toy poodle. The moment Xi Ping stops supporting NK, the regime would collapse. But that will not happen in any foreseeable future.

North Korea pursues nuclear weapons precisely because they are not so sure China would be behind them in the foreseeable future. They want to be as independent of China and Russia as they can possibly be. Vietnam and the old USSR had a mutual defense pact in the 1970s but as soon as the Chinese invaded Vietnam in 1979 Russia backed down afraid to risk a war with China to help the Vietnamese. The Kims are well aware of this. When the chips were down Vietnam could not count on Russia to help them, mutual defense treaty notwithstanding. The Kims have had conflicts with the Chinese as well, including the occasional border skirmish on Mt Paektu. Mt. Paektu is considered a sacred site by Koreans north and south. China controls about a third of the mountain and the Koreans consider this land to be rightfully theirs, but presently occupied by the Chinese. There are many tensions between North Korea and China that cause the DPRK to distrust China's intentions. This drives Juche and their economic and armaments programs.

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