Kim suspends plans for military action against South: KCNA


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Better idea than confronting his neighbor.

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No surprise here. Is always bark but no bites. Is always more about showing some threats, then a military demonstration and at the end dial back before it get out of hands. Is been going on for decades now. Nobody even cares anymore.

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Same old bluff and bluster game they have always played, this regime has passed its expiry date and needs to be finished up.

Humanity should not allow this type of inhumane leadership to prevail.

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Good news, now South Korean government can go on to worry about more important things, like whining about Japan's UNESCO heritage sites.

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I really don’t think she should be calling anyone else “insane”. The look in her eyes says “fatal attraction.”

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Phew, now I can stand down, and shelve my massive plans for attacking the north. Just imagine how terrible it would have been.

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Now you see it, now you don't. Keep up the empty threats, they're doing your credibility a world or good.

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Many of us would have had the odd crazy neighbour. Most of them don't come armed with nuclear weapons.

Kim must have decided he'd made enough noise to satisfy the domestic constituency. War over leaflets? Even Kim and his sister can't get that worked up about it.

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The big azz Greatful Dead loudspeakers are going back up.

I wonder what is the most dastardly thing they have to blast nonstop?

Might it be THE MACARENA!!!???

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Anti-North leaflets, which defectors based in the South send across the border -- usually attached to balloons or floated in bottles

These anti communist leaflets wont change the course of history or politics, they were just wasting papers producing huge amount of trash, the North Koreans will burn every sinle one! A very "Eco unfriendly" action!

Many of these ballons flew beyond North Korea and the local inbaitants of those countries see this is a kind of pollution from the air!  Please stop it!

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IMO I guess this is good news, but the New York Post is reporting otherwise an hour ago, stating NK will not be taking military action off the table with SK and includes adding the US to this rhetoric. Wish is fake news, which is real? I go with the latter s it has proven to be more reliable lately.

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Trump made a secret trip and "took and knee" and "pleaded" with Kim like Bolton told us he did with Xi....

-2 ( +1 / -3 )

After driving out the inept and mindless president, S. Korea is now surrounded by states whose leaders are bizarre, idiosyncratic and deceptive. At least, the leaders of Japan are not verbally abusive as those in the U.S. and N. Korea, but have been equally inept in dealing with the covid-19. Now leaders of China and Russia look sober.

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Trump made a secret trip and "took and knee" and "pleaded" with Kim like Bolton told us he did with Xi....

How's the weather on your planet?

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Good call, Kim!

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Read what Bolton said about Kim and the "love letters"....

Definitely unfit for office....

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This was a wise move on part of NK and Kim. Kim is not a fool. He would not be in his position if he was.

His action if interpreted in a different perspective could have been a "warning" to the USA and the rest of the world as well as to SK that Asia needs the "attention" of the world, and watch for possible "conflict". If one looks at his actions in the past, he has been shedding light on China's actions in S China Sea and how he is being influenced by China with his ballistic missile tests and atomic tests. In a way, his actions have caused the US as well as Japan to start boosting their military presence and defense capabilities in Asia.

If any conflict starts in Asia, NK and SK will undoubtedly suffer the most along with Hong Kong, Taiwan and possibly Japan. Obviously China is the only country other than Russia and the Islamist with thoughts and actions that indicate desires for world dominance. It was Kim who shot the missiles and tested his nuclear capabilities that the world watched China;s actions and possibly delayed Chinese plans for using "force". China built many fortresses (military bases) in S China Sea within a year, which indicate much prior planning and preparation. Japan still suffers many years with trying to build a simple base in Okinawa.

In the same light SK appears by its rhetoric and actions to be "siding" with China. That is also of "concern" for NK, as both are "targets" of China as well.

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