N Korea's Kim describes South as very impressive: KCNA

By Jung Yeon-je

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I suppose using the word impressive will be considered another attempt to drive a wedge between countries.

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Revelation!  Imagine if he saw HK or Singapore.  Or even Tokyo?

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Revelation! Imagine if he saw HK or Singapore. Or even Tokyo?

@Kaerimashita - Did you read the article? She did not praise SK's infrastructure or economic development, but rather they way SK has treated the NK delegation during their visit.

I quote:

"After receiving the delegation's report, Kim Jong Un expressed satisfaction over it and said that very impressive were the features of the south side which specially prioritised the visit of the members of the DPRK side who took part in the Winter Olympics," KCNA said, adding the North Korean leader "expressed thanks" to Seoul.

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N. Korea's KIm describes South as very impressive

Yes! And they did and they were able to do it without nukes and by allowing everybody to think, speak and vote freely. No concentration camps here for people who disagree with their leaders.

You should try it!

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Not impressive enough to stop their nuke program to extinguish the South, reunify the peninsula not on NK's terms, or massacre their own related citizens though? Don't worry, the suffering of NK will end soon

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Why does she always purse her lips like she is sucking on a lemon.....

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Why does she always purse her lips like she is sucking on a lemon....

Because she has to suck up to her brother or be executed by anti-aircraft cannon, of course....

Yes, SK is impressive. That's what freedom will do for a country. No nukes, small army, people with good educations, friendly folk. What's not to like?

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Very modest, North Korea has demonstrated just how impressive of a nation it is as well with its admirable peaceful diplomacy with the South and courage in front of America and Japan. The North has shown it is a moral leader in world affairs

You ARE kidding..right..?

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The DPRK an "impressive" nation? Whatever - it's good that South and North are at least entertaining the notion of dialogue and that the sabre-rattling has stopped for a while. Let's hope it leads to something more substantial.

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If its so impressive they may wanna ask them to maybe tone down the "will turn it into a fire wasteland" rhetoric then. She didn't particularly strike me as looking like a nice human being, quite the opposite actually. Arrogant, entitled and delusional. The way she carried herself too was sickening when you take a moment to think about the reality on the ground for the poor sods in her homeland. Her parade of lunatics was a cruel joke actually.

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This is a travesty of a joke. It takes more than the visit of the sister of a dictator to free a country. As I've said before, nobody wants war, but neither does anybody want the continuation of the enslavement that the North Korean populace must endure. I'd prefer to be homeless in Japan than to be a cadre in NK.

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Heckleberry - yes that was the reference but I guess she wasn't saying "our welcome was impressive" only.

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For President Moon, Kim JonUn's sister must be an impressive one too and he is obessed with her charming.

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anywhere would be impressive when you come from a country where livestock is traded as currency

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What both Seoul and Pyongyang are doin at the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics for the sake of peace is very impressive indeed!

Both Koreas now realize that the divide and conquer ideology of a certain superpower is doin more harm than good and must be ended soon.

Sadly it seems Abe is the only proponent left standing.

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