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North Korea's Kim says U.S. is 'root cause' of tensions

By Sunghee Hwang

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The U.S. is the "root cause" of instability, he said in an address to the "Self-Defense 2021" display,

The US provides stability in the region and stops the North from trying something stupid against the South again. The only thing to criticize the US for is not signing a peace treaty. Doing so will aid stability and allow progress to be made. As long as the North feel they have an active enemy because the war is not officially over, things will not improve.

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The NK regime is locked into the narrative of blaming the US for all it's self-inflicted problems and will not change as it completely relies on blaming the US and SK to remain in power. So, there is really no chance of lasting peace or stability on the Korean peninsula. Personally, I miss the more colorful language that used to be used in their propaganda. Bring it back. It was good for a laugh.

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Communism is a crime against humanity

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The whole point of America being everywhere is so that they can keep a monopoly on world power. NK and China are just convenient excuses. India, watch out. Should you ever become a dominant world power, Uncle Sam is not going to like it.

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Witness the countries being bombed on a whim by the US!

Pyongyang was flattened due to US bombing before, the North Koreans don’t want to see that happen again.

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kurisupisuToday  03:01 pm JST

Witness the countries being bombed on a whim by the US!

Pyongyang was flattened due to US bombing before, the North Koreans don’t want to see that happen again.

A Whim? On June 25, 1950 the North Korean Army invaded South Korea. In September 21 United Nations countries entered a war against North Korea to push them back.

North Korea would never have been bombed if they had not invaded South Korea.

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In terms of North Korea and America, America simply will not allow any country to take power over the world with an agenda to damage it the way Hitler tried to do historically.

Kimmy, who looks dapper of recent, needs America as an enemy so that it can control the Korean military and it's citizens with fear.

America is not the root, it's the protection of nations.

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No, we are not giving you money to agree to deals you have broken multiple times before.

We know you are broke. We know that your missile claims are dubious (on the "new" technology anyway).

We know that your population expects you to make their lives better. (Oh those pesky expectations you raised...)

So, No. We are not giving you any money.

BTW, we are going to crack down you your cyber ransom and crypto-fraud as well. Good luck getting enough hard currency to keep your enforcers happy.....

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Look what lack of expensive cheese wine n cigarettes have made kimmy talk worse than his hair style

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A standard part of the popular narrative is that NK invaded the South in 1950.

What no one mentions is what incidents the US was involved in from 1945-1950 which triggered that event.

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Kimmy, who looks dapper of recent, needs America as an enemy so that it can control the Korean military and it's citizens with fear.

If America was no longer the main focus of NK anger who do you think would replace it on the mantle of North Korean rage? Who would it rage against, someone that has done it wrong in the past? One guess, they are within missile range and it is not South Korea.

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Kim is basically saying that he doesn’t like or respect Biden.

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Oh, he said much more than that!

It was a long, bellicose performance. But before saying that he doesn't want war with the US or the South, he opened up on both:

The military danger facing our state due to the military tension prevailing around the Korean peninsula is different from that ten or five, nay, three years ago.

Seeing the contents of various military exercises the United States and south Korea frequently wage on the pretext of coping with what they call threats while talking about peace, cooperation and prosperity in public and south Korea's attempt to modernize its armaments which has recently become intolerably undisguised, we can easily guess how military environment will change in the region of the Korean peninsula tomorrow.*

Recently, south Korea has been trying to upgrade the fighting efficiency of its army under the powerful sponsorship of the United States, bringing in a large number of cutting-edge weapons of various kinds including stealth joint strike fighters and high altitude unmanned reconnaissance aircraft.*

South Korea's such attempt is too dangerous to be left to itself, but what is more dangerous is its justification for modernizing its armaments and its hypocritical and brigandish double-dealing attitude.*

While doing everything they want to do, the south Korean authorities, with a view to depriving us of our self-defensive right to develop defence capability, volunteer to lead the anti-DPRK propaganda campaign of the hostile forces headed by the United States, wantonly labelling even our tests of conventional weapons as armed provocations, threats and inappropriate deeds aggravating tensions.*

They are now using the words provocation and threat as terminologies exclusive to the north.*

Trying to put our effort to develop self-defensive capability in fetters by invoking the illegitimate UN resolutions, they are bent on increasing military expenditure under the so-called righteous excuse of coping with what they have unilaterally defined as threats.*

South Korea has been unhesitant on several occasions in disclosing its ambition for securing military supremacy over us under the preposterous excuse of deterring threat from us, and each time justified itself with the containment of our threat and defence of peace.

Designating us as a source of threat and a target to be contained, not as a partner of dialogue and cooperation, is a concentrated expression of their deeply-ingrained hostility towards our Republic which cannot be concealed no matter how hard they try to pretend otherwise.

But, if south Korea does not find fault with us in a stubborn manner and if it does not pick a quarrel even with our exercise of national sovereignty, I assure that no tension will be caused on the Korean peninsula.

We will confront with a decisive and resolute attitude all kinds of despicable actions by the hostile forces that are inciting military tension in the region of the Korean peninsula, and will do our best to achieve durable peace in the region by ameliorating and removing one by one the causes that are disturbing the foundation of peaceful environment.

You get the picture.

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"There is no basis in their actions for believing that it is not hostile," he added

There were more than several double-negatives in his harangue. It was hard enough to read around the constant Revolutionary zeal (without strong self-defence capability we can neither expect successful progress of the internal and external policies of the Party and the government nor think about stability and peaceful environment of the country) without weaving around the double and triple negatives.

And after all of those private schools in Switzerland . . . on top those two degrees at Kim Il-sung University.

I guess The Kim was too busy with the nightlife in Switzerland and trying to pick up every female in the time zone, to do his homework on sentence construction.

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Analysts say North Korea is seeking to normalize its status as a nuclear power.

Kim has stated many times in the past that Bukhan would give up ALL nuclear ambitions if America's stranglehold on Bukhan's economic throat were removed.

And the greatest LIE is 'the failure of the second round of talks' which were not 'talks' but a required and phony 2nd appearance of the thug trump who no longer needed Kim to distract from his sexual perversions as he had when Kim first offered talks circa the Stormy Daniels debacle coming to light and walked in and walked out within minutes.

And what else is a country as tiny and economically challenged as Bukhan, facing the worst of the greed driven, heavily armed monsters on the planet who want to destroy ANY resistant voice, to do, unless it kneel to the POWER and submit its own identity to the dominance of greed driven psychopaths, but to shout as loudly as it can to be heard and to resist with largely empty threat the monster? And particularly when the monster maintains a combat ready army within miles of its own border which consistently rattles its sabers and the sabers of its vassal Hanguk in its direction...

But, as others here have pointed out, the U.S. must maintain the bogieman to fool the weak minded into ignoring its bullying and supporting its attempted destruction, whether directly or indirectly through starvation, a lone and lonely voice of dissent. Kanbatte, Mr Kim. Gamon shite even under the bootheel. And pity those infantile minds so easily fooled by the waving of a 'bogieman' as the fabled elephant by a mouse...

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Look out America. If you annoy trumps x girlfriend, Mr Kims Sister, you will have big problems to deal with.

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Area-wise, the U.S. is 76 times larger than North Korea. The U.S. currently has 3,750 nuclear weapons, reduced from 31,255. How many nuclear weapons North Korea has, nobody knows exactly, but compared with the U.S. the number may be minuscule.

The U.S. wants North Korea to possess none of nuclear weapons and pressures it to do so. Even so, North Korea keeps developing nuclear weapons and missiles to carry them. Naturally, tensions result from this. 

Pandora's box was pry opened by the U.S. in 1945 when two atomic bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, bringing a harsh nuclear arms race thereafter. This is really a sad situation. But can one nuclear power blame the other, by saying "You are the root cause of tensions and all"?

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What tensions?

NK should just deal with their internal issues - that means they should deal with their dictator. They could be part of the worldwide community, thriving, if that was their choice. Only the military and dictatorship are holding them back.

NK doesn't change anything about the average American's life or vacation plans. It is like a tick on an elephant. Just doesn't matter to America directly. We only care because it matters to our regional partners.

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The US provides stability in the region 

20 years in Afghanistan say NOT..

different region. different situation

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