North Korea's suspected COVID-19 caseload nears 2 million


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Wow! "Suspected"... and it's news!

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highly likely "news"...

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2 million cases in less than a week, legit✓

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Their numbers are only slightly less credible than China's. There is no real point in pretending they have a tiny microscopy fraction of the death rates than every other country of the world when the epidemiological data is so numerous and makes it clear that a sub-vaccinated population (as in both cases) somehow survives better than in countries almost universally vaccinated and boosted.

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Seems the actual population of functional workers, even those collecting grass is shrinking, that’s not good on an economy based on grass Intake. The stupidity of North Kora is just not making sense in 2022. And to top it off the fattest person in the country is the Dear Leader. He eats a lot of grass.

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No only do I find the situation sad, I find the first two comments almost inhumane. Of course the case numbers/deaths/ reporting is absolute rubbish...BUT - However terrible the leadership is, you are still talking about people here, the general public, the man on the street, yet @Seigi and @Eastman find it amusing.

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AP fake news?

do they have own reporter there who can verify that?

let me guess that they have not?

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interesting to see how this will play out in the next few days and weeks

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It’s a shame North Korea can’t be open with the rest of the world for once, because learning how Omicron hits a pretty much completely unvaccinated society would be invaluable to medical science

I'd rather NK be open enough to accept the offers of free vaccines that would save countless lives, than be part of a non-vaccinated "experiment". Hundreds of thousands could easily die. NK is one of the world's unhealthiest populations.

Of course, I dearly wish Little Rocket Man, his rat-like sister and all the Kim family refuse any vaccines themselves.

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How is it that we NEVER get to actually hear what Bukhan has to say directly but ONLY through Western voices? Oh, that's right. THEY lie and WE don't...ah yeah. But why would they tell the truth about total caseload, as this article seems to assert, but lie about the deaths which this article also seems to assert? Well, in any case, what a great time for the U.S. to really grind the bootheel down on one of the tiniest countries on the planet whose ENTIRE population is 12 million people LESS that the Tokyo/Yokohama area alone. MORE SANCTIONS, JOE! Cut off whatever small chances they might still have of obtaining medicine for their people. Hit 'em while they're down. THAT'S OUR STYLE! But still, whatever EVIL might be said of them by the perfidious 'voices', they are some of the feistiest and most GANKO people among us and I LIKE GANKO! It must be a character flaw...and if there were something honest to pray to, I would pray for them and for the Palestinians who may be in an even worse boat...

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William Bjornson, the only one grinding the NK population in to the dirt is the fat parasite and his family that pass them selves off as a government.

Not sure “providing a small number of vaccines for high-risk groups such as the elderly would prevent deaths” would work, even if they would accept it which currently they won’t, we all know the vaccines would get diverted to fat boy, the elite and their families and the high-risk groups and elderly would be left to die.

I very much fear the NK population is again going to suffer appallingly for the benefit of the Kim dynasty. Disease and famine stalk the land while the resources that could save them are wasted on nuclear missiles, weapons and pandering to the ruling elite.

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North Korea on Thursday reported 262,270 more suspected COVID-19 cases as its pandemic caseload neared 2 million - a week after the country acknowledged the outbreak and scrambled to slow infections in its unvaccinated population.

Anyone disagree with those numbers and have a valid source showing the "real" numbers?

Their numbers are only slightly less credible than China's. 

You have a valid source supporting that statement of course. Because when Shanghai shows three days in a row of zero new infecitions, you of course have scientific proof contradicting that figure?

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Short descriptions of papers on potential instability in DPRK and links to these papers.

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Ok, this link notes:

The country saw 262,270 new cases ...just under 2 million North Koreans or nearly 8 percent of the population have been hit by the fever outbreak with 741,000 still being treated. Total deaths stand at 63

Which are the same numbers in this article.

North Korea on Thursday reported 262,270 more suspected COVID-19 cases as its pandemic caseload neared 2 million

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Anyone disagree with those numbers and have a valid source showing the "real" numbers?

Do you have any source that demonstrate an equivalent case-fatality ratio anywhere in the world with reliable information? that is the reason this is considered not a believable report

You have a valid source supporting that statement of course

Provided repeatedly to you, that have never denied their veracity, just pretend to ignore them but the links are still there.

Relatives of patients at the Donghai Elderly Care Hospital, Shanghai's largest care home, said several residents caught COVID-19 there and died in late March and early April, which wasn't reported in official data at the time.

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It is starting to appear that North Korea's big military parade on April 25th was a super spreader event.

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