North Korea blasts Malaysia over Kim assassination


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NK - Still living in the 50s and thinking they can get away with murder.

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A few more days, the two arrested women would be expandable (death) by N. Korean agents. The DPRK uses their embassies as hub for all illegal transactions to funnel money back to their dictator(s). Malaysia has been exploited and it is time to take a stand against these gangsters. The killings and lies to secure Kim's dynasty control have no limit. In N.Korea, no one dare to say "Kim soooo fat". U.N. is watching one's own rogue state gone wild without any solution!

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Kim Jong Un is one paranoid dictator to have his half brother killed despite being under the protection of China and test ICBMs over China's objections. Now that China has cut off the coal that powers his economy how will he pay for his Western luxuries?

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"This proves that the Malaysian side is going to politicize the transfer of the body in utter disregard of international law and morality and thus attain a sinister purpose,” it said."

The nerve! NK hiding behind 'international law'! They do have a sense of humour after all.

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Pffff, imagine if this happened at a Japanese airport, we'd be in serious doodoo right now.

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It seems like NK will get away with this. What realistic alternative do we have other than to shrug our shoulders and hope it doesn't happen again? I don't think there's much support out there for Operation North Korean Freedom.

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Notice how all the other examples of assassination by poison were perpetrated by Russia...

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NK is UN-believable,their behavior is very UN-professional,they seem very UN-cooperative and just plain UN-disciplined!

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Malaysia should continue to ignore them and when its enquiries are concluded, cut off diplomatic relations. On no account return the body or otherwise cooperate.

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And Malaysia cares because....?

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papigiulioFeb. 23, 2017 - 03:23PM JST Pffff, imagine if this happened at a Japanese airport, we'd be in serious doodoo right now.

How would it be any different? Like Malaysia, Japan would have jurisdiction. And North Korea would still be acting like the way they are.

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If I were in the Malaysian government, I'd first find out the range of them nuclear missiles of NK. Since they fall within the range, I might just turn over the body and keep quiet.

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