North Korea calls for troops' greater loyalty to Kim


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The 1.2 million troops should unit against him and put an end to this mentally unstable twat

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Tens of millions of people malnourished and underdeveloped with permanent physical consequences because of this dictator. A hell on Earth made possible by the CCP and Russia. And no political will outside to really put the screws to dictators and those who snuggle them. Hard, clear lines are so unpleasant for short-term business interests... but corporate interests don't run the world... oh, wait... [knock on the door in the night]

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I feel sorry for the people of NK .

11 ( +12 / -1 )

Dictatorships don't end well for the people.....nor the dictator! Kim really brings out the dic* in dictator.

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It is almost if they have a choice?

Loyally or the flame thrower?

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Who wouldn’t want to defend that wonderful man with their life?!!!

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A man who believes his life is worth the sacrifice of 1.2 million others, plus their reserves (presumably). That pretty much says it all.

Sorry Mr Kim but you are an acceptable loss. Protect the people of North Korea and if Kim dies then it may be an improvement.

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I thought the brainwashing from birth in NK ensured the people’s loyalty to the Dear Leader. Is this an indication that that is in fact not the case, and there’s something happening over there that’s making Kim feel insecure?

3 ( +4 / -1 )

The guy was born into this job and as a result has no experience and has no idea what he is doing. The people of NK are doomed unless they overthrow this fool.

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Maybe too many were laughing during the 10-day period of "no laughing" which was recently declared. "No, they are not laughing with you, they are laughing at you."

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The content of the image provided cannot be independently verified and neither can their loyalty to Kim that's being demanded.

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I still can’t imagine how or why troops should be loyal to a nutter (and more so, her sister, who’s the bigger nutter) who has lost all humanity. I feel more for the people, not the regime.

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In the picture, the guys on the left have no masks, and the guys on the right don't know that the nose is part of the breathing mechanism. That isn't a good way to be "devotedly defending (Kim) with their lives.” Aren't there some masks left over from the previous administration that we could send to North Korea for humanitarian purposes?

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Find a picture of Kim at the recent tenth anniversary of a Kim death. He is obviously depressed, knowing he has failed in his policies. Not a good sign, as it invites instability and instability means extremism.

2022 will be too interesting for me.

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Just ignore the US. Stick with Chinese support of the failed dictatorship. Try to be happy.

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President Biden needs to invite Leader Kim to the USA and take him on a goodwill tour, to Disneyland and take in the Super Bowl Game. Get lots of Hollywood dignitaries to meet and greet him, and show him a grand time.

Then send him home with shipboard of wheat, grain, medical supplies, and other items of humanitarian aid.

Show the people of North Korea a bit of generosity and respect and it will do more to bring them into the family of nations than all the empty threats we've spouted for years.

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Some articles about North Korea that might surprise you.

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What is the answer to this?

Kim is worried about the poor performance of the North Korean economy, the comparative poverty of its people and whether or not rank and file North Koreans will rise up against him especially as North Koreans become aware of how much wealthier their South Korean brothers and sisters are. I don't think he is convinced the DPRK military would remain loyal if there was a popular uprising. There is nothing the US or South Korea can do in this regard. If Kim is overthrown or the North Korean economy and/or government collapses the CCP has been very clear they would immediately intervene to prop the nation up ( and in so doing prevent a mass migration to China or even worse, the North uniting with the South.

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Kim got a psychological inferiority complex, he knows his country is a basket case

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I mean really what else can he do. His job is not the type you can just quit. There is only one way out for him.

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