North Korea claims almost 800,000 have signed up to fight against U.S.


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Nice Rifles !! do they work??

Let's see based on what we are watchin unfold in Ukraine the death ratio is 7 to 1 Russians to Ukrainians. Modern weapons are saving the lives of their users, 800,000 won't be enough and may last about 24 month.

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"The soaring enthusiasm of young people to join the army is a demonstration of the unshakeable will of the younger generation to mercilessly wipe out the war maniacs making last-ditch efforts to eliminate our precious socialist country, and achieve the great cause of national reunification without fail and a clear manifestation of their ardent patriotism,"

People live in poverty and the clearest way out is to join the military. This may not just be a bug of the NK system, but a primary feature.

Very sad people.

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North Korea claims almost 800,000 have signed up to fight against U.S.

So North Korea is telegraphing its future intent on attacking America. A concerning development to say the least. Perhaps this would justify a US first strike with nuclear weapons. At the least it enables the US to keep conducting military exercises with South Korea, and perhaps stationing US nukes in the southern tip of South Korea.

For anyone reticent to critisize NK, this announcement of their intentions to fight America shows for all to see their aggression and warmongering at its worst.

More sanctions on NK are clearly needed, and on anyone else that trades with them.

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Only 800,000? That’s in fact a ‘disastrous’ result for Kim&Co., such a low percentage. Usually one can observe a 100% or very nearby quote in such completely brainwashed dictatorships like NK or under former iron curtain etc. Like those infamous 100 or 99.995% election results, one would at least expect 99.995% of all males in a certain age range would be signing up also here, in this specific case.

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What will they use for weapons? Pitch forks?

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Sorry to make light of this but perhaps those 800,000 might practice warfare on each other with pea shooters.

Absolutely insane rhetoric. Who would ever in their right mind want to invade NK? Crazy Kim kids with their own nuclear weapons. Never a better reason today for Nihon and South Korea to put aside the old grudges.

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Peter14,stop worrying about America,the odd of NK attacking America,is slim to none,in the US mainland,stop using American might to ease your insecurities

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What will they use for weapons? Pitch forks?


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Peter14,stop worrying about America,the odd of NK attacking America,is slim to none,in the US mainland,stop using American might to ease your insecurities

Sorry Larry, but I'm too old for insecurities. Perhaps you should work on dealing with your own first?

The odds of a maniac like Kim attacking America, wow I would not like to bet money against it. It would first attack SK and then the US after it intervenes. Kim is just stupid enough to do it.

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Do they all plan to swim across the Pacific to the USA?

Japan's North-west shore has many wrecks of North Korean ships, generally unseaworthy, and unable to cross the ocean.

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Nice Rifles !! do they work??

they either shoot water or pellets

800,000 have signed up to fight against U.S.

they thought they were going to eat US pizza & hot dogs

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Lambs to the slaughter if it ever went down. Good luck with that.

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About 800,000 students and workers

Even if this fairytale was true, no brainwashing is more powerful than hunger.

Drop a few Big Macs and Taco Bell snacks on the populace and see which side they will take.

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Compared to the SK soldiers these guys look pretty malnourished. Hey Kim, how you gonna feed all those people on the battlefield when you can't even feed your own country?

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Those rifles work deadly well. You should know that.

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2 meals a day, a place to live, and a job


nothing. No food. No bed. No heat in winter. No jobs available.

"Where do I sign up", is what I'd ask if I lived there. To be fair, this also happens in other parts of the world. Joining the military is a "way out" of local circumstances.

Unfortunately, in NK, it isn't a way out. They can't leave and there aren't any jobs in the country.

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When David+N.K.) confront Goliath (US)!

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I suggest you check the population of the past 40 years of US Veterans that would be compelled to "Sign Up" if you are foolish enough to start anything.

..."Good Luck".

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Are they sure those people weren't just lined up to get food?

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North Korean military uniforms only come in one size. Emaciated. Except for top line Officers whose only size is Jumbo. Something to aspire too in climbing the ranks of the NK military.

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