North Korea fires 3 ballistic missiles off east coast: Seoul


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Of course SK has a right to install the THAAD system. With NK lobbing missiles left, right and center it's a logical and valid reaction. Obviously China isn't having much of an influence on NK's erratic behavior. If Japan or SK started 'testing' missiles in NK's direction, NK would be calling it an act of war. What NK is doing isn't much different. Things will come to a head in the near future and NK will be at the receiving end.

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L'il Kim has really got it in for the Yellow Sea

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Except he fired them into the Sea of Japan (East Sea) and not the Yellow Sea. Wrong side of the peninsula...

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RE: China says the U.S. Terminal High Altitude Area Defense, or THAAD, system is meant to spy on China

I dont' know about most readers out there but doesn't it seem that we hear about China stealing high technology from The US and other countries but not vice versa? So the statement above sounds ludicrous.

As for Lil Kim, the guy was definitely deprived from playing with bottle rockets and doesn't understand that while the bottle rockets he controls now, has a much bigger bang, but one has to wonder with all the missiles he keeps sending to the bottom of the sea, perhaps one day we will see metal island.

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Lil Kim wants to play with the big guys - and since he wasn't invited he decided to get some attention...

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LOL. China is literally a bully saying, "hey please close your eyes and put your hands behind your back so I can punch you in the face!".

Seriously China is stupid.

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NK was firing missiles since before THAAD went up. So they really can't use it as an excuse.

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THAAD hasn't been installed in SK yet, but will be soon apparently.

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In another 50 years of this nonsense, we'll start to notice sea-level rise from all the missiles building up under the water.

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L'il Kim has really got it in for the Yellow Sea

I don't think it was in the Yellow Sea...

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"Japan’s Kyodo news agency said all three missiles Monday fell in Japan’s exclusive economic zone in the Sea of Japan, which the Koreas call the East Sea."

Which the rest of the entire world, including China and Russia, call the Sea of Japan.

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And then, why three missiles? Is there an associated fairy tale? The first missile was very, very good, and the second missile was very, very bad, etc. etc.?

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Just hope they do more than just state they disagree with the missiles. And hope they aren't waiting for Kim to 'mistakenly' hit mainland Japan.

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