North Korea hints at possible restart of nuclear or long-range missile tests


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Hey Marshmallow Head, go crawl under your rock. We're not impressed with your blah-blahs.

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Only hinting because China won't let you before the Olympics.

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Does this country ever do anything else?

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Can they kindly not fire them over Japan super early in the morning again? I don't want to get woken up by the stupid missile alert.

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Stop, just stop.

And I'm not talking about Un.

I'm talking about these NK missile articles.

They're all the same and a waste of time.

They are all begging for ridicule each time they are posted.

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Yes, the typical mind sick ‘from hand to mouth’ policy there like followed also in other third world areas. Just received some new deliveries from China by train and shortly after blowing it all into the air for senseless military purposes and additionally producing CO2 and sea garbage, while the population gets not even enough to eat or electricity. For that they don’t have there any other significant industry than rocket production they quite maximum ‘contribute’ to environment pollution.

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Yes they should and better hurry!

The North Korean conventional weapons were very obsoleted, their army were still using T62 ranks, Soviet 1960s technology, they won't have a chance! Only the ballistic missiles can save then from defeat!

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With an army infested with really big taper worms, a population that requires no make up to be extras in a zombi movie. And rockets. A leader who’s fat body index is 100 times his people’s. Not a big threat, should he try anything South Korea and America will have a massive de worming problem and dance videos to calm the DDK people down as they eat something other than grass.

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Nothing but yes-men appeasing their lord of destruction. Try something different for a change - like helping out Tonga. You'll feel better. I know - not gonna happen.

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While NK have the same inherent rights as anyone else to develope missiles or other weapons as they see fit, they are the perfect example of a nation that should be concentrating on feeding their people first. Their priority of hostility towards others, keeps their nation under UN sanctions and restricts development from having much opportunity there.

Why bother threatening anyone? Take advantage of the protection of China and build your economy and feed everyone. Good behavior could see some restrictions removed and if they could become a net exporter of food and medicines (no restrictions on that) they can improve their lives and standard of living and maybe help others in need of cheap food and medicines.

Kim seems to think he must threaten others to be relevant. A bad and incorrect assumption.

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