North Korea passes law allowing for nuclear first strike


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the North's latest announcement clearly reaffirmed Pyongyang's stance -- that nuclear negotiations are no longer on the table.

Without negotiations the sanctions on North Korea will remain open ended with no chance of cessation. North Korea will remain a pariah state and basket case reliant on China and Russia. It makes its bed and must now lay in it. NK is the least responsible nation to have nuclear weapons and the most likely to use them first and without real provocation.

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poses an imminent threat to Pyongyang

So, if they get this wrong the lunatics will start WW3.

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Do they really need a law? Isn't the law whatever is in that chubby guy's mind?

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So, if they get this wrong the lunatics will start WW3.

No, they will begin armageddon. The end of the world.

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When you have a dictator running the country, you don't need to pass a law. It's not like anyone is going to debate it.

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They will probably blow themselves up first.

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He obviously doesn't care that it would mean immediate termination of his family's dynasty and all those living under it. Law? Edict more like it.

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So, if they get this wrong the lunatics will start WW3.

That's what the anti-west/anti-democracy crowds want, and once the nukes hit the fan they'll again say the US?West/NATO goaded them into doing it by offering Kim food.

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So, if they get this wrong the lunatics will start WW3.

No, they will begin armageddon. The end of the world.

No, their missiles while be destroyed before they reach their targets.

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A bit like turkeys voting for Christmas!

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Folks who agree that North Korea is a threat to Japan and the US would do well to remember or learn how NK got access to nuclear technology in the first place.

It’s also closely linked to how Iran got access to nuclear technology.

And then think about the fact that US maintains close ties with Pakistan including but not limited to giving billions in aid and weapons. Something that Trump stopped but the current administration is resuming.

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It's called the "Doomsday Law".

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a Dog (US) telling other Dogs (NK, China, Russia etc) to tuck their tails and bow at them like other Dogs (SK, Japan, parts of EU). but instead of following orders, they show their teeth at the so called "Alpha" Dog. theres no wrong with that. no wrong with justifying blind subordination.

But yes. it is a worldwide issues. on common sense, a Dogfight of egocentric leaders. theres no right or wrong for them. just ego, telling the other person "dont tell me what to do on my own backyard"

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damn. those Hwasong can make a city disappear. i wonder whose city will be the first.

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china will be irreversibly radiated as well, something they’re not likely appreciate due to fat Boi.

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If the nutcase in the north decides to launch, and actually does, the world should turn his country into one large, uninhabitable parking lot!

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With Putin and Xi now anti-West in the open, fat Kim is feeling that they've got his back. We can look forward to more missile and nuclear tests and run of the mouth hostility. Even more than usual.

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Both China and North Korea are busy building up their nuclear weapons assets. I believe the USA and Russia are down to one last treaty (New Start) which limits strategic warheads and delivery systems. This treaty will expire in 2026. We are truly entering dangerous territory. Very few people seem to understand this.

Japan is located in a very dangerous neighborhood.

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China is a large country with ballistic weapons located far into the interior. China is also rapidly building up its capability from several hundred to a planned 1,000+ warheads deployed on land, air and sea. With the US threatening China and the rogue Russia state to the north the logic is easy to understand.

China's declared policy is to never use nuclear weapons first.

china will be irreversibly radiated as well, something they’re not likely appreciate due to fat Boi.

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Well Kim wouldn't want to break the law now, would he?

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They should upgrade from anti aircraft guns when executing their disapproving family members.

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Little Rocket Man can go ahead and "prepare to strike first", or any threat he dreams up.

But one thing is 100% certain : your enemies will not allow it to succeed. You and your Kingdom will be wiped off the map entirely. Just so you know, Little Rocket Man.

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North Korea would be mad to give up their nuclear deterrent. They would be equally mad to attack another nation with nuclear weapons. I don’t expect they’ll do either.

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Kim is clearly exploring new ways to advertise his nuclear arsenal, hopefully to rogue states in the Middle East.

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There is No Law in this rouge Country. The North Korean Regime is a blot on Humanity. Don't understand why the North Korean Army doesn't overthrow this Murderer Dictator.

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He might hit Japan,but he had not demonstrated his ability to attack the US,the US conduct routine test to deliver it missile,at a moment notice

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LMFAO I thought the fat guy was the law. According to Lil Kim he is the decision maker so why make a law. The preventive nuclear strike would be his last!

North Korea has passed a law allowing it to carry out a preventive nuclear strike and declaring its status as a nuclear-armed state "irreversible

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They can have the first strike. They won't get the last.

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The announcement comes at a time of crumbling ties between the North and South, with Pyongyang blaming Seoul for the outbreak of COVID-19 in its territory and conducting a record number of weapons tests this year.

Nothing to be concerned about.

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"The law will allow North Korea to carry out a preventive nuclear strike "automatically" and "immediately to destroy the hostile forces" when a foreign country poses an imminent threat to Pyongyang, the official Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) said."

Not the smartest strategy to make public. Instead of serving as a deterrent, it will provide their enemies with justification for nuking them first without warning.

Why wait for them to strike first?

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It isn't like this law has changed anything. Dictators gotta dictate, until someone close to them does what is necessary. That applies to all dictators (named or practical) world-wide.

If all the NK nuclear weapons locations are known, regular, non-nuclear, weapons can be used to take out those facilities to begin the kinetic diplomacy. China has to be nervous about their unhinged neighbor.

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There is no such thing as a pre-emptive nuclear strike. It is a nuclear attack if it they launch a nuke first.

And as NK fat boy and his regime doesn't understand, the first one to launch a nuke, is the first one to be eliminated. Why does this reminder have to constantly be said after literally decades of history show that nuclear war leads to the end of humanity and our livable environment.

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Perhaps the little man and his sister running the Hermit Kingdom should realize what would happen to their precious "Communist Paradise" if they tried to follow through on their threat. Yes, it would likely kick in Mutually Assured Destruction, but that pudgy lunatic would not like the results of his foolishness.

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SpeedSep. 9  02:50 pm JST

Do they really need a law? Isn't the law whatever is in that chubby guy's mind?

Little Chubby Ubby just HAS to flex himself and shoot his big mouth again, doesn't he? There's no 'law' for him and he's just wanting to scare people around. He's the obnoxious 'superfan' in the back tier of a theater who has to scream and shout and throw peanut shells at people in the seats below.

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Why wait for them to strike first?

Do you have any idea what the first day of a 2nd Korean War , or resumption of the existing Korean War that was never really settled, would look like? About half the South Korean population lives within range of DPRK artillery. Don't ask me why but the South Koreans are concentrated around Seoul to Incheon and within range off DPRK artillery. I would want to live far far away from that threat but there you are. Some of the big apartment complexes house over 10,000 people. In one complex. And there are countless such complexes. The DPRK doesn't need to spread the artillery fire out too widely to kill a lot of people.

US and South Korean casualty estimates are on the order of 100,000 South Koreans dead, per hour on the first day of war. Per hour ! Meditate on that. This is why US and South Korean forces do not retaliate against DPRK provocations and why US and South Korean forces are emphatically not going to initiate a resumption of hostilities across the DMZ. Nobody and I mean nobody on the US side wants to see that happen. The whole reason the US has its forces in South Korea is to deter the DPRK and prevent such a tragedy.

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The good news is that historically hereditary dictatorships never make it past the third generation. Kim Jong Un and Kim Yo Jong are that third generation. Strategic patience and well armed deterrence are what is necessary until there is a change in government in DPRK. It will come in time.

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One wonders if fat boy Kim and his cray bae sister were, um…”neutralized” and the order to launch came down, if cooler heads might prevail and the order were not somehow “lost.”

Not every NK general is an un-educated idiot with blind loyalty to the Kims. I bet a majority are just scared of them.

If the Kims are dead and no longer a threat, why commit an act of guaranteed suicide for a couple of dead people?

This may not be a uniform case and I would not recommend testing it but the idea of unquestioning loyalty is itself in question.

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I hope Japan engages with Israel for their Iron Dome Shield... as that appears to be currently an "effective" attempt at "Self-protection". Perhaps a cooperation between the two will make it a real Solution for other Nations as being a Proper "Deterrent" .

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