North Korea military option 'locked and loaded', says Trump

By Nicholas Kamm

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People in business learn that there comes a time in negotiations when the next person to speak loses. Apparently the businessman president who can get things done never learned that rule because he continually violates it. What he is getting done is moving us closer to war, possibly nuclear. When will he learn to just keep his mouth shut?

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If either country truly intended on striking the other they wouldn't publicly announce it beforehand.

This is all showmanship, nothing will come of it.

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Beijing on Friday pleaded with the U.S. and North Korea for restraint, urging the two parties "to be cautious with their words and actions."

Why doesn't Beijing plead with NKorea NOT to fire a missile towards Guam? Because China is benefitting from NK's altercation with the U.S.

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Trump is saying that he won't strike preemptively which actually is useful to know. If the Koreans should make any kind of move I don't think he wants to be accused of not laying out the consequences clearly enough.

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US government are so busy trying to start a WAR, no matter what, NK and next Venezuela.

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The US government is not trying to start a war. That's just dumb.

Trump, on the other hand...

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China has repeatedly urged a resumption of long-dormant six-party talks to peacefully resolve the crisis, 

Just lip service, China has no concept of peace, and I think they don't want peace, they are no different from NK

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Trump is saying that he won't strike preemptively

But was he joking, being sarcastic, or perhaps were his words distorted by the media (the enemy of right wingers everywhere?). Sorry, but Trump has NEVER had the slightest amount of credibility (pssst - you wanna buy a degree from Trump U?) and has shown he can flip flop with the worst of them.

Trump is the very worst communicator to ever lead the US or any other power. Only his true believers, the 35% who for some reason actually think there can be such a thing as a political messiah, believe him.

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This guy makes GW Bush look like a dove.

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This guy makes Bush look competent.

Trump is a complete idiot here. Because he is a complete idiot always. Except he is the greatest con artist in world history.

And those who support him, idiot marks.

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I am inclined to accept that Dictator Kim Jong Un, his Pyongyang regime political objective is to force U.S. to withdraw all its strategic and tactical military capability from South Korea, and ultimately from the entire region.

A fully developed nuclear weapons programme and an effective intercontinental ballistic missile system of delivery will provide the necessary leverage to end continued and seemingly unrelenting US influence and hegemony.

Throughout this escalating war of words all other G20 counties have been politically impotent and powerless to bring about any influence to either persuade Presidential Trump to follow traditional means of diplomacy or Pyongyang to relent to UN resolutions.  

I fear Dictator Kim Jong Un threat to launch missiles towards the Pacific territory of Guam could well have brought catastrophic conflict closer and pushed any diplomatic solution further away.

'locked and loaded' sounds unhinged and demented, I have the upmost respect for the office that President Trump was democratically elected to occupy however this is hardly the moment to quote John Wayne in "Sands of Iwo Jima". It is almost surreal

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Locked and loaded

Mmmm....gun images....

His supporters will be slobbering like St Bernards.

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i always imagine a UFC ring, a ref and two world leaders. no eye gouging or biting. the loser must shake hand after. trump and kim would be and interesting fight to watch.

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even people who get paid by CNN are coming around to the fact the diplomacy and "strategic pause" didn't work and something else is now needed.

Yet some Dems like Keith Ellison are still siding with NK, saying Kim is much more reasonable than Trump? Really? A guy threatening to launch a nuclear attack is more reasonable than they guy who strongly replies that he won't be allowed to do that?

But you guys fine don't even care when lib politicians say stupid things, just want to criticize Trump some more no matter what he does or says?

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And right on cue, the NY Times has an article on their site claiming that climate change could be more of a threat to Guam than N Korea?

Cant make this up, no matter what happens it needs to be brought back to whatever narrative is being pushed.

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Bullies only understand force. Diplomacy has been a failure with this crackpot regime. Trump's approach might work. Then again, he might blow us all up.

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I think some countries explained to Kim, Trump likes to fight with his talks. Ignore. Kim is quiet. So Trump is targeettingvagainst Venezuela now.

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even people who get paid by CNN are coming around to the fact the diplomacy and "strategic pause" didn't work and something else is now needed.

It may 'work' in the short term but we have been negotiating for 20 years and they have never given up developing a weapons program.

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blacklabel: even people who get paid by CNN are coming around to the fact the diplomacy and "strategic pause" didn't work and something else is now needed.

Something else is needed, but is the answer Donald Trump's rhetoric?

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His supporters will be slobbering like St Bernards.

if it works that would be a good thing for everyone.

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Jees, NK must be scared out of their minds by Trump's latest tweet!

Trump just looks cringingly pathetic now, desperately trying to get in the last word over Kim Jong Un ffs, like a girl at primary school desperate for attention

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