North Korea rejects U.N. Security Council condemnation


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Until China is willing to do something about all this, nothing will change.

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Or they actually hit something with one of their missiles. Then things will change.

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The DPRK categorically rejects this as an intolerable infringement of its right to develop apocalyptic doomsday weapons such as smallpox and spanish influenza, its huge nerve gas and bacteriological weapons manufacturing complexes, its immense counterfeiting and methamphetamine trafficking syndicates, the multi-generational slave labor concentration camp networks, its right to execute insubordinate officials and political dissidents with anti-aircraft guns, its right to kidnap foreign nationals and incarcerate tourists for petty infractions, its right to construct extremely unsafe and potentially catastrophic nuclear facilities in order to manufacture the atomic weapons it needs to ensure the continuation of its neo-mafia clique run by an incipient megalomaniac and psychotic infantile despot.

OK UNSC - good luck with that.

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