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South Korea will consider supplying arms to Ukraine after Russia and North Korea sign strategic pact


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Oh my. Another stunning chess move by the Russian grandmaster, huh?

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We all need to be supplying arms to Ukraine.

This really is about Us against Them, at least that's the way Russia, NK, China and Iran look at it.

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SK already is and has been supplying arms to Kyiv by default. They just 'give' their shells to the US who then turns them over to Kyiv and Seoul gets to maintain the fantasy they aren't supplying armaments.

Indeed, by this measure SK has actually supplied more shells than all of Europe combined - this is what the SK media report too.

What a whopper!

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Doesnt look like Putie thought that one all the way through.

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We all need to be supplying arms to Ukraine.

You can donate and send as much of your hard earned as you want, I want our taxes spent here on social services, health, education, infrastructure and the rest not more weapons for distant wars.

This really is about Us against Them,

No, it isn't. Its about Russia against Ukraine.

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No, it isn't. Its about Russia against Ukraine.

Russia brutally invaded Ukraine, so we are going to help Ukraine, much as we should have helped Czechoslovakia all those years ago. I pay taxes and I vote too.

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Wagyu - in your opinion, what could Chamberlain have done better in 1938? The

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While Putie’s drunken rabble get inaccurate moldy shells and inaccurate missiles as likely to blow up on their launchers as hit their targets, the UA will get the new Korean tank and perhaps the new indigenous fighter.

Probably not the way Vlad gamed it out…

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Probably not the way Vlad gamed it out…

He isn’t getting the best information, nor the best guidance, as is typical with despots who surround themselves with yes-men and cronies. Nothing new under the sun. It’s a shame some people don’t see this.

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JJE explained it well above.

This announcement is to show support for the US on the Korean Peninsula in response to Putin's trip. But it will make it clearer to the South Korean electorate what their government is doing in Ukraine.

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Their proportions make them look like a comedy duo.

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