North Korea says hundreds of families ill with intestinal disease


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There is no way to know what the true numbers are, but I am pretty sure that 73 deaths is an absolute lie.

The virus is highly contagious and I think in a totally unvaccinated and malnourished population, it will eventually infect 70%+ of the population (This is purely back of the napkin stuff, so allow me to throw the grain of salt)

In the most modern Health Care Systems, at the worst of times, the death rate was around 2% as public health systems were overwhelmed. So a higher rate of 3% seems very reasonable given the poor health, unvaccinated nature of the population and a public health system that is essentially nonexistent.

25 million multiplied by .7 multiplied by .03 would imply a total death count of 525,000 before the virus is done with the DPRK.

Could be a lot higher or lower depending on a variety of factors but In short, the North is in for or already experiencing a rough ride.

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South Korea previously offered to send vaccines and other medical aid to the North to help it deal with its coronavirus outbreak.

Pyongyang has not officially responded.

And some pseudo communists in the west want this upon themselves.

Official NK news outlets are saying Kim Jong Un is sending medicines "prepared by his family" to tackle this new disease, cant make this up

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Any number North Korea “officially” gives for anything, you have to multiply by at least 100.

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And I’m sure disease is spreading because of the poorly disposed corpses of Covid victims.

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This is to be expected when America has its jackboot heel on the throat of a small, 'disobedient' country. That Bukhan has an impoverished healthcare system when that which makes a healthcare system effective cannot be purchased because of 'sanctions' and penalties upon anyone selling anything to Bukhan is also to be expected. Most here will say that the money spent on defensive systems by a small country SURROUNDED by warmongering, hostile neighbors who openly threaten it is the reason, but the fraction of its national economy spent on such defense by Bukhan is dwarfed by that spent by the predators around it. Many Americans like to lie to themselves and claim they are for the 'underdog' but, like so much many Americans believe, it is fantasy and demonstratedly horse manure. And people who pride themselves on knowing NOTHING about Bukhan, and whose own Authorities routinely lie to them and they know it, are also sure that whatever Bukhan says must be a lie also. PEOPLE are SICK but that is the least concern of so many here who, themselves, have a sickness for which there is, famously, no cure.

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WHO should be on the ground, along with biological weapons inspectors to investigate. Sanctions should be removed.

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A little more money into the public and less in the nuclear weapons program would make sense.

Intestinal disease? more like Nutritional deficiency.

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Rodney : Sanctions should most defintely not be lifted. However, North Korea SHOULD accept the aid being offered to them from South Korea and others who just wish to help the citizens of the North. I'm not quite sure what your agenda is with that comment. Sanctions do not prevent the WHO from being on the ground dispensing the necessary care.

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Shouldn't the caption in the article say Dr. Leader Kim Jong Un with his healing medicine for the people! LOL

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The reports have sparked speculation that the unspecified disease may be cholera or typhoid.

Cholera is usually caused by drinking water contaminated by sewage. Since this is reported to be in a rural location, a clean water supply is the first step. Typhoid is treatable with antibiotics, with severe cases requiring more treatment in a hospital.

They are only guessing about the cause of this particular illness, though, so it could be something completely different.

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I just wonder why NK is telling the world anything at all about this. They normally wouldn't. So, is this a play for sympathy? Perhaps they want to appear human (right before they test more nukes), which of course is all about propping up they Kim dynasty as seen in the photo. Nice of them to share their stash of meds. What I want to know is will we get to see the Kim mark 4 soon?

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The problem with tyrannical regimes like this, is ANY help you give them only allows those in power to redirect the money and resources that SHOULD be used to get vaccines, feed their people, develop agriculture, enhance medical support.... will only be put back into weapons, oppression, and control over their own.

It is time to let NK die the slow and painful death that the Kim regime have inflicted on the country with their own actions.

Either one of two things will happen. They fade out completely.... or finally realize they have been putting focus on warmongering and tyranny so much and they should reverse course.

NK has been going on like this for DECADES. Starve them out. They want food, fix the farms to produce more food instead of making more nukes. They want medicine? Spend more money on medical and health support instead of building more nukes.

You give them food and medicine... they WILL focus on spending more money on nukes and saber rattling.

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I disagree with withholding medicine. That is not about them, it is about a lack of humanity. Hungry people should be fed because they are hungry. Sick people should be healed because they are sick. This is about who YOU are. Talk to a WW vet, and maybe you will find someone who complained because captured enemies would sometimes wind up eating better than they did, but most people understood the idea.

None of this requires you to like the North Korean political system. It is just about being human.

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I keep thinking about the North Korean fellow who defected to the south in a hail of gunfire. He was shot multiple times and just barely survived. During one of his operations to remove bullets from him the doctors removed a bunch of intestinal worms. Apparently such worms are common among North Koreans. He also had chronic liver disease. I'm not surprised to read there is an intestinal disease afoot in DPRK.

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Cholera is usually caused by drinking water contaminated by sewage. Since this is reported to be in a rural location, a clean water supply is the first step. Typhoid is treatable with antibiotics, with severe cases requiring more treatment in a hospital.

Fertilizer is in perennially short supply in DPRK so farmers will frequently resort to using human waste to fertilize their crops. DPRK has actually been trying to build a fertilizer industry but sanctions make obtaining resources and necessary technology difficult to do.

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Of course the only appropriate response according to the government of NK is to launch more missiles, people will of course keep dying the same, but that has no importance to Kim Jong Un.

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Um...on intestinal parasites being the cause of the acute gastric illness in Bukhan mentioned in this article:

The major neglected parasitic infections in the US include Chagas disease, cysticercosis, toxocariasis, toxoplasmosis, and trichomoniasis. These five parasitic infections are considered “neglected” based on their high prevalence, chronic and disabling features, and their strong links with poverty [1], [2].Sep 4, 2014 › articles › PMC4154650

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Does anyone wanna tell Bjorn that the reason the Korean Peninsula is divided and its neighbors treat it with suspicion is because the last time they had the opportunity, they invaded their southern neighbor?

I’m also willing to bet money this “enteric disease” is Covid as well. While primarily a respiratory disease, Covid can actually lodge in the GI tract if it is injected rather than inhaled. Once there, it can cause severe diarrhea and vomiting, which can lead to dehydration and malnutrition. It can also cause incredible stomach pain. Gastrointestinal symptoms can lay for over a week before the virus eventually makes its way into the lungs.

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*ingested not injected.

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