North Korea says it tested hypersonic missile

By Cat Barton

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Test and blast within your country

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They have, they've done multiple weapons tests underground as well before. People aren't any happier about it.

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North Korea says a lot of things. Didn't they also claim that Kim Jong-Il scored 18 hole-in-ones in a round of golf?

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No, as popular as that story was, it was a simple scorekeeping mistake caused by confusion between a relative-to-par scoring system (where par was 0 ) and a stroke-count scoring system.

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Let the fat kid play with his toys.

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Amazing how they always seem to have money for these things when their GDP is that of a third world country...

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I doubt this is true. Next North Korea will annouce they've colonized Mars.

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Russia, the United States and China have all said they have successfully tested hypersonic glide vehicles, with Russia generally seen as the world leader in the technology so far.

I wonder which of these countries (i.e. Russia, China and the US) might have provided assistance to Kim and his regime. I'll say it was the two countries that have been supporting the Kim family for decades, in part because those two nations are not too far away in terms of geography and also similar politically ( N. Korea and the other two nations are controlled by harsh authoritarian regimes.) Russia wants to build a gas pipeline through North Korea that would end up in South Korea. Both Putin and Xi must like having Kim be a loose cannon they can use to help further their agendas, while expanding their empires

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A series of North Korea's missile launching tests suggest that North Korea is trying to perfect the technology of building hypersonic glide vehicles or missiles. North Korea says they have succeeded in launching such missiles, but Seoul and Tokyo deny it.  

Whether North Korea succeeded in building such hypersonic weapons or not, there‘s no denying that they will perfect the technology in the very near future.

If so, how would USFJ and JSDF deal with them with the current and projected Aegis systems? And how about USF Okinawa with a vast jungle warfare training area/facilities and the new Henoko airbase for Ospreys?

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Hypersonic missiles travel at speeds of Mach 5 and higher and can maneuver mid-flight, making them harder to track and intercept.

Not an entirely accurate statement. ICBMs and most IRBMs achieve hypersonic speeds on re-entry. Most cannot maneuver and fly an entirely ballistic (and predictable) profile. There are degrees of maneuverability among hypersonic warheads. MARVs, MAneuverable Re-entry Vehicles have been around for decades and impart some ability to maneuver on the way down to refine their aim at a fixed target. It is the hypersonic glide vehicles that best fit the wording of the article in that they have a flatter trajectory that is partially ballistic and partially aerodynamic with more ability to maneuver. But "hypersonic" could describe hundreds of different ballistic missile re-entry vehicles. A reliable MARV would be a technical achievement for the Norks. I doubt they have the technology for a true hypersonic glide vehicle.

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Is somebody hungry? Does someone need attention? Most babies just cry! Putin threatens to invade countries to get the attention he craves from the West. The "Dear Leader", on the other hand, shoots missiles in the ocean when he wants something.

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Don't take their word at face value

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Today's Sankei News reports that Defense Minister Nobuo Kishi has confirmed the missile North Korea test-fired on Tuesday was indeed a hypersonic missile. So, Seoul and Tokyo were wrong in their initial denial of North's firing a hypersonic missile.

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Looks like there is a spelling mistake.

uniformed officials should be uninformed officials, right?

Has any NK test ever failed and been announced as a failure?

How's the NK 1 plate a day diet program working? Seems they should be buying food, not missile parts.

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The AvengerJan. 12  11:18 am JST

Let the fat kid play with his toys.

Nyah, nyah, nyah! We ain't impressed, Marshmallow Head. Now go home.

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As for the Futenma to Henoko relocation issue, the central government has kept telling us that it’s the only solution both (1) to eliminate the danger Futenma poses at the current site to area residents and (2) to maintain deterrence.

If Futenma is so dangerous an air base to area residents, which it is indeed, so are Kadena and Yokota air bases. Both air bases have seen more serious accidents in the past involving civilian sectors than USMC Air Station Futenma. 

As for deterrence, how would the central government explain the fact that Russia, China and now North Korea seem to have perfected hypersonic missile technology that make U.S.-made Aegis defense systems obsolete and the U.S. Marines training bases white elephants.

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