North Korea says Kim Jong Nam VX poison claim absurd


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North Korea denying that Nam was killed by VX poison is absurd and to all the Pathologists that did the autopsy is very insulting as if they can definitively make comments from afar telling the world THEY (the North Koreans) know what killed Nam. These people are a pathetic joke.

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What is absurd is to have an hereditary "communist" dictatorship such as North Korea on Earth in the 21st century.

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What is absurd is to have an hereditary "communist" dictatorship such as North Korea on Earth in the 21st century.

They think they get away with it by calling themselves a Democratic People’s Republic.

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I'm surprised Kim Jong Un doesn't say this is fake news. North Korea and it's dictator, an anomaly of the 21st century where an entire nation lives in the Dark Ages and it's leader behaves with unbelievable immaturity and contempt.

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NK is 1984 in reality.

What will its citizens think when they see what a complete farce their country was?

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North Korea is absurd.

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To all those who said NK is absurd, what is the solution? Vote for one. Bomb the H. out of them; More restrictions that other neighbors ignore; stop anyone in Japan from transferring yen to NK; Other (what is it?). The previous two have made no difference.

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Wonder what North Korea's relationship is with Russia and Cuba. This elimination tactic is similar to what Saddam Hussein did with his cabinet. It's almost "What's a dictator to do in his spare time?" Tidy. The advantage is Malaysia's on this one. The stories will never add up. As I mentioned yesterday, the histories of these women will reveal a lot.

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Absurdity is the DPRK. U.N must bring them to I.C.C.J. for all horrible crimes against their own people, especially the spoiled selfish little choppy dictator and his gangs. Malaysia has no reason to keep diplomatic with DPRK in order to stop the illicitand illegal activities by DPRK, against U.N's authorized sanctions. How many N.Koreans have fund and freedom to be the tourists in Malaysia? Only spies and Kim's gangsters who exploit Malaysia as its illegal gateway. This also apply to other countries including Cambodia as e.g.

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Noriyosan... You're right, nothing has worked, and the only thing that would work is dialogue... China was right about that. Bombing them isn't and shouldn't be on the table as a suggestion unless they start something and more sanctions or economic restriction won't do anything unless China come to that party. Still... NK is absurd.

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Well they took out the wrong bloke the little fat boy should have been the one but did he give the order to remove this person

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