North Korea shows off largest-ever number of nuclear missiles at nighttime parade

By Josh Smith and Soo-hyang Choi

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Looks like the three want to start a war with the West. Terrible for them to damage the peace we once had.

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The message Pyongyang wants to send internationally, demonstrating its capabilities to deter and coerce

Both sides say the same thing. We need more nukes to deter! NK don't want to star a war. They have nothing to gain from that.

(Oh, and in addition to showing off his nukes, he also shows off his hat collection.)

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Terrible for them to damage the peace we once had.

We had peace once ?

Please elaborate.....

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Just another Kabuki show. NK is Chinas sock puppet, not anything more. Alas, Western politicians will us this as talking point for pumping even more money into the military-industrial complex.

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Wonder how much of the country Kim had to deprive of electricity to light his parade.

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That's a pretty Lil hat on Lil Kim.

I wonder if it is also a mini ICBM?

6 ( +7 / -1 )

At least the Disney parade has fireworks. Kids know there is a person inside the costumes, I wonder how many people believe these missiles aren’t hollow mockups.

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That's a pretty Lil hat on Lil Kim.

I think Lil Kim lost some weight. Or is it a body double?

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Leader Kim Jong Un attended with his daughter, who is seen as playing a possible future leadership role in the hereditary dictatorship.

Kim channeling some Johnny Depp styling with his hat.

His daughter might be worried about Kim Yo-jong. I hope someone around her is.

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Leaders from all over the world can be a little overweight, but only communist and african dictators can be this obese. It's the ultimate message to their people they really dont care about them at all and can do whatever they feel like.

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The North Koreans show these things for multiple reasons:

To show what they have as a means of deterrence.

To try to gain domestic support. Even totalitarian dictatorships need some level of domestic support. They cannot kill everybody. They need enough support or at least acquiessence that killing a few interlopers will cow the rest into subservience.

To bluff.

To deflect from some critical weakness.

I will focus on the last one.

The North wouldn't be showing it's hand on nukes if it had anything like a credible deterrent with its conventional forces. It's equipment is old (the air arm in particular is worthy of it's own museum.) It's soldiers are ill feed and poorly equipped and spend about 1/2 the year farming to feed themselves. They do little combined arms or large scale training due to a lack of fuel. It's leaders are poor docturnal strategists. Forget unifying the country by force. I doubt it could repel a Southern attack and it knows it. Thus the showing of the Nukes.

Kim wouldn't be showing his sister and daughter if he were in good health. He knows that his dad died early of "lifestyle" disease (namely high blood pressure) and that he has the same risk factors. His dad failed to roll him out in time to truely get the public used to him causing trouble with the assention. The efforts to introduce his sister and daughter are designed to guraantee the Kim family rule in the event of his sudden death do to weight issues.

The North can rah rah all it wants. All I see is a nation falling farther and farther behind while the rest of the world is content to let its decrepit "leadership" atrophy behind its hermetically sealed border.

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so where are photos of these missiles you are talking about?

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Thank you USA! If the North Korean regime wasn't building max number of nukes and delivery systems they possibly can, one would have to think they are out of their minds.

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No bigger problem, only for NK themselves. The more they have , the more radiation is within their country, forming a potentially deadly threat to themselves, if there’s an accident with one or if someone else hits a deployed one. They just raised the probability for that too. Of course they are also passing away if they dare to use one, that’s unchanged. So in general I would say, it shows only a higher risk for themselves and that they are very sick in their mind, with such a suicidal strategy.

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lil Kim realizes that backing Russia will make him look weak by association especially when Russia eventually pulls out of Ukraine.

However, he can look as magnificent as he likes within his own borders. This parade is to help his own self-esteem and to trick the North Koreans into believing that his not a loser like Putin.

Check out their propaganda campaigns on the Youtube channels!

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That should prevent a US/ South Korean invasion.

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Why choose nighttime to have it?

May be to make it more difficult to verify the fact that the missiles are no more than cardboard cutouts.

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Mr Kipling it would not prevent Kim from striking you in Japan,it seems that you are suicidal, knowing Japan will be Kim target,the US can hit Kim 5 times with one missile,call a MIRV Google US Nuclear Mirv

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I doubt NK has the capacity,beyond Japan too strike the US

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I doubt NK has the capacity,beyond Japan too strike the US.

They have already demonstrated that the base at Guam is easily within target distance.

And Japan will not be a target as due to their nuclear capability, they will not come under US/south Korea attack.

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Guam is not the part of the US mainland,it a territory,if attacked the US will respond in kind,Kim will not feel any pain,the US missile are tested and maintain regularly,and the US traced the the missile on display to their location for destruction

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No fan of nk whatsoever. Basically it's a criminal family running a land mass. That family and their criminal friends have been brutalizig their own people for decades and they make me sick.

In saying that the western media always plays this up. Ahhh, nk and their nukes, and this time it's the largest ever.

Well, they've been doing this literally for decades and litterly extremely little to nothing has happened

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They have already demonstrated that the base at Guam is easily within target distance.

targeting Guam is one thing, hitting it is another

The only thing that they’ve demonstrated, is that they can hit the Pacific Ocean

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@Awa no Gaijin I agree here it was until you commented please elaborate!

Terrible for them to damage the peace we once had.

We had peace once ?

Please elaborate.....

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NK is in a corner trust me the day they try to send one of those firecrackers up they will be blown to pieces. One other thing little Kim is no fool he knows that Xi is on his border to don't think that he is only think they US is the only enemy he has to watch he is also sending a message to China and Russia carefully not bitting the hands that feed him.

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No-one Wins in a Nuclear War.

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North Korea is always thirsty for world publicity. Why? Why give North Korea the publicity it eternally craves for?

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I’m not confident they’re actually armed and the warheads deliverable. It’s magnitudes more difficult than unguided Scuds.

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