North Korea threatens unprecedented action over allied military drills

By Hyonhee Shin

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Blow me (a kiss) as you're leaving round boy.

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... yawn.

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Go and pound sand, Little Rocket Man. No one is scared of you and your sad military.

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I think you 3 summed it up beautifully

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I didn't realise until the other day that the DPRK's GDP is less than 2% of South Korea's. There was a time in the 60s when they were about the same and maybe the DPRK was bigger. Off topic? Just some context. Maybe it shows why the yappy dog is desperate to be relevant.

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In what I am sure is an unrelated note (cough cough), The DPLA cut the daily rations for their troops for the first time since 2000.

Doesn't like like Kim-Boi is missing many meals.

One wonders what the malnourished population thinks of someone so round that he needs to try to disguise it running the joint?

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Never ceases to amaze me how many adjectives they can come up with to describe the same thing over and over again. Also amazing is that they never seem to be about improving life for the population.

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No one is scared of you and your sad military.

so why do we pay $1 trillion collectively to threaten and contain them?

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Doesn't like like Kim-Boi is missing many meals.

Him and his overweight daughter re-enacting the court of Louis the 16th.

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Does he don’t know that obese person like kimmi n his nukes r not easy to hurled at as weapons

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The only military drills NK has power over are its own. Interesting it never comments when its other neighbors (China and Russia) hold them, but when SK holds them the threats and insults flow thick and fast. Until they complain to Russia and China for their drills, they need to shut up about SK drills. Time to simply ignore North Korea and its "threats". Keep the sanctions in place and keep them isolated until they learn to be a good global citizen that do not feel the need to threaten others going about their legitimate business and training.

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It does seem that the whole world does not listen to lil' rocket does that mean he even made any statements if Noone hears them???

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The repugnant tin-pot Dictator can jump up and down as much as he likes complaining about the military exercises being planned again by the U.S. and S. Korean Allies - I don't know why he's so surprised, as last year NK fired more missiles than any other year on record, at one point 23 in a single day. So far this year, he's fired off 90 cruise and ballistic missiles. If he didn't engage in any of this nonsense, there would be no reason for the Allies to conduct these military exercises.

Just think how many tens of millions of dollars he's wasted on these futile missile-launches, when the long-suffering and starving population could have been fed. His wickedness will certainly come back to haunt him, it'll be a very just karma, eventually.

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No doubt, Rocket Man is planning to release a "weather balloon" for his "unprecedented action".

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No one is scared of you and your sad military.

so why do we pay $1 trillion collectively to threaten and contain them?

Nobody is paying a trillion bucks to defend against the North Koreans. You exaggerate much. And while US and ROK forces could probably defeat DPRK in under a month and do so decisively, the threat of China entering such a war has to be give great weight. It is also possible that a collapse of the DPRK government and/or economy could lead to a Chinese intervention with unknown consequences and an unknown potential for the situation escalating to a war on the Korean Peninsula. Better to be well armed, well trained and patient.

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The picture shows the plump cronies surrounding North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, clapping their hands, when it's said the emaciated common people are suffering from chronic food shortage.

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