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N Korea to launch new satellites, build drones as it warns war inevitable

By Cynthia Kim, Josh Smith and Jack Kim

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"Pyongyang might be waiting out the U.S. presidential election to see what its provocations can buy it with the next administration,"

Maybe Kim is hoping to rekindle his love affair with Trump. Trump seemed up for it.

All the Trump fans who are otherwise pro-Russia or pro-Israel will suddenly tout the good in the "peace" the love affair might bring.

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A crazy nation with a leader who lacks any true ability to ready reality.

Because of reckless moves by the enemies to invade us,

There are no moves to invade a worthless nation like NK. Spending lives and money to gain absolutely nothing but a drain to keep their people clothed, housed and fed.

it is a fait accompli that a war can break out at any time on the Korean peninsula,"

If NK is saying a war is inevitable and nobody but them is going to start one, then the world needs to build a coalition and invade NK to subdue it once and for all. Why wait until they are better armed and able to kill more people and cause more destruction to South Korea, and as far away as USA? That would be stupid. Time to act!

ordered the military to prepare to "pacify the entire territory of South Korea," including with nuclear bombs

Yep, he is telegraphing his intentions leaving the world no option but to end it before he prepares.

The world has gone to crap. Russian invasion of Ukraine in progress, genocide of Palestinian people by Israel in progress. Civil war with outside interference in Yemen, Threat of invasion in Guyana by Venezuela, threat to invade Taiwan by China, War in Sudan, Clashes in Syria, and more.


The UN is powerless, held back by five powers of veto from different sides of opinion.

Nobody able to save the innocent from leaders who covet what they dont have. A planet in climate crisis made worse by the dominant species who could, but doesnt take the required actions to mitigate human actions that worsen the climate problems.

Now a nut job with nukes, planning on nuking South Korea, and elsewhere over an imaginary invasion that nobody is planning, of NK.

Armageddon is approaching and it is gaining pace. Find a deep cave and stock up on essentials like solar equipment to power everything needed to rebuild after the madness ends and few are alive to rebuild. Ensure you have technical manuals to rebuild, and medical texts and equipment so mankind does not slip back to cave man medicines.

Sad situation getting sadder each day. Is there any hope on the horizon? So far, no.

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" i already fly dozen of rockets, why still nobody take notice of me!!! i going to make some noise again so that people start caring for me " make no mistakes, this is not the scream from your three years old, it is from rocketboy kimmy

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Since war is inevitable and officially they are still in a state of war. I reckon it is better to strike preemptively and take out any and all satellites making it harder for them to prepare and use information that those satellites could provide. South Korea should set up way more missile defense systems and ballistic defense systems and make an iron dome such as Israel has.

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Inevitable, eh? Hmmmm… In any event, let’s wish the NK people well as they choke down their New Year’s feast of insects, grubs, and gnarled roots… Mr. Kim says ‘no cigarettes and brandy for you!’

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Ultimately, it is obvious Kim's declaration is not for the outside; it is for the people of North Korea, to make them believe their pitiful sacrifices in a siege economy are entirely justified. Simultaneously, it's an old trick but parading hi-tech weaponry and mouthing off about the country's strength has long been a staple of despots to keep the people proud of their status.

6 ( +8 / -2 )

MOAB X2. Hits on Ri Sol-ju. Ryongsong Residence.

The Saber is shelved forever. Then the largest humanitarian movement and effort to the North of all time the world has ever seen.

No more Un regime. Keep on shadow boxing Kimmie boy.

Mike Tyson about to step in the ring.

Cut the head off the snake and the body dies..

The North liberated. Unification at last.

The End-

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A short/median tactical missile launched at Japan armed with a nuclear payload can reach the mainland in 17 minutes.

A Japanese government official said the missile seems to have fallen into the sea outside the country's exclusive economic zone off the northern island of Hokkaido after flying for 73 minutes, saying no damage has been reported.

The latest missile was fired at a lofted angle and flew 1,000 kilometers, South Korea said. Japan said the missile has the potential to fly around 15,000 km at a maximum altitude of 6,000 km, possibly allowing a strike anywhere in the continental United States.

This is the threat Japan its people are facing and will continue to be threatened with every day.

So the question is how does Japan respond?

Just ignore, in a sort of hopeful false reality, an illogicality. a self-deception all the investment the nutter North Korean dictator, as his people stave in a perverse political ideological isolation isn't going to wake up one morning and push the button.

With the UK, Japan can be fully capable to defend its people with a next generation offshore independent deterrent.

2 ( +4 / -2 )

Fat boi couldn’t manufacture a fart, much less advanced munitions. He can’t feed his malnourished army much less his general population (not that he cares).

He’s little huff n puff boy having a tantrum. All sound and fury signifying not one damn thing.

He knows war means the end of him personally, his family line and his regime.

And the PRC knows that war results in a unified democratic Korea allied with the U.S. on its border.

So they’re unlikely to acquiesce to this insanity.

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War is only "inevitable" when you are determined to start one.

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Pyongyang might be waiting out the U.S. presidential election to see what its provocations can buy it with the next administration,"

I think Kim would like to see X-45 back in office, because X-45 and his photo-op with the NK leader, gave Kim the most international attention he'd ever seen, Kim along with Xi, Putin and the globe's other despots would like to see a return of the gross-appeaser.

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There’s video of Russian soldiers cracking open their DORK supplied 152mm shells to find far less than the proscribed amount of propellant, corroded propellant, big air pockets, etc.

They can’t even construct an artillery shell correctly. What makes anyone think any of their other arms wouldn’t be garbage as well?

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This is how generation of the Kim family have kept control. Now it also how Putin is maintaining control of the Russians.

4 ( +5 / -1 )

NK parades and flaunts it's WMDs. Why doesn't the US invade NK like they did Iraq

-5 ( +1 / -6 )

NK parades and flaunts it's WMDs. Why doesn't the US invade NK like they did Iraq

Bush Jr.

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War is only "inevitable" when you are determined to start one.

Completely agree with this.

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My prediction is; North Korea don't start a war with the US.

Call me crazy, but somehow I just can't see NK attacking US military.....anything.

Now let me get back to my Korean Drama.

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Wow! We are scared. (Sarcasm)

3 ( +3 / -0 )

And I was just saying in another article how we have Lil’ Kim to thank for not blowing up the world this year…well, there’s always NEXT Year.

Happy New Year folks, we made it

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Kim is being played by China who wants the US involved in a different war, why they take islands and suppress Chinese around the world. If a mouse has nukes and tries to use even one, that mouse will be squashed. Expect every nuclear launcher to be gone in the first few days of the war, assuming NK starts it. I feel bad for the Korean people who will be caught in the middle.

SK isn't Ukraine. SK and the US have a written, defense pack.

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AureliusDec. 31, 2023 10:42 pm JST

Kim and his sister are just nutso enough to lose their marbles and attack the USA

Vindictive of the carpet bombing raids during the active Korean war

They weren't even alive during the Korean war so nutso is right.

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ianDec. 31, 2023 07:32 pm JST

NK parades and flaunts it's WMDs. Why doesn't the US invade NK like they did Iraq

That eager for nuclear war, huh? Don't worry, America is still able to keep you safe by remaining cool and collected.

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Give enough people guns and they will use them (Take note of US mass shootings.) Give enough countries the bomb and some nut will push the button. I don't think Kim the magnificent, short and fat, will consider for a moment a conventional war. It's time to aim bombs at NK and use them before he can send off a second one.

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If I were Japan, SK, Taiwan, or the Philippines, I would definitely be interested in getting a nuclear arsenal of my own. Helps one’s negotiating position for sure.

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