North Korea to launch rocket in December: KCNA


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Kim's father made him swear he would continue with the nuclear weapons program as the only way to gain international respect.

If this is just a rocket with a satellite, then it means he is breaking his promise to his father. If it's an intercontinental ballistic missile test then he is right on track. If they can fool half the world with a dual-purpose flip-flop launch vehicle, then so much the better.

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So where is S. Korea on this? Isn't it time they rule in their Northern brother from Chinese hands instead of those rocks in the sea?

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Why doesn't North Korea focus on making their actual citizens and society better, instead of dumping money into launching failed rockets into the ocean. Instead of spending millions on that, they should spend millions on buying food and building houses

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Makes one wonder if the "failed scientists" now fight each other over the occasional rat for dinner? That is if they have not returned to the soil.

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The USA and the UN have put sanctions on N.Korea. But the USA and the UN have no problem giving money or aids to other countries that fight among themselves or at other coutries.

Japan and S. Korea should reach out to N. Korea and help N. Korea be a modern country. If not, China should be the one that gives N. Korea the ability to be capitalist society.


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Appreciate NK efforts trying to do a tough job against the odds.

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Appreciate NK efforts trying to do a tough job against the odds


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Maybe he is referring to the tough job against the odds of actually getting a successful launch.

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