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North Korea warns of war; U.S. calls it 'pariah'


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But China’s ambassador Fu Cong said that Beijing firmly opposed the deployment of THAAD “and will take necessary measures to safeguard its own security interests”.

How about you desarm NK then? No?

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High stakes game. How do you disarm North Korea? Turn off the power.

4 ( +7 / -3 )

China needs to put a lid on NK

6 ( +8 / -2 )

China, Put a dog leash on Kim or shut up. If you cannot control the little fat boy, then don't complain about the USA protecting South Korea. In other news, the Chinese present their land grab across the China Sea and the militarization of these outposts as their divine right.

8 ( +12 / -4 )

And people were crying about Hillary's "No fly zone" proposal when you have Trump and Bannon, the latter of whom at least WANTS war in Asia because he thinks he can reshape the world in his image after. They keep it up, they'll have their war.

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North Korea is dangerous because they have vey little to loose.

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The US and Japan can muster up all the sanctions in the world, but until those countries that trade with NK anyway, feel come blowback and cease, nothing will change. The majority of countries that supply NK are far away from any danger from Li'l Dumplin and do not give a crock about the people who are, as long as there is coin to be made.

3 ( +4 / -1 )

Its time for little fat boy to learn a lesion that he wont win its a shame for the population they are suffering under his rein

1 ( +2 / -1 )

@Toshiko: You are joking, correct? Are you suggesting that many or most Japanese would approve of using a nuclear weapon against an oppressed population?

5 ( +6 / -1 )

All that is unfolding is necessitated by China's failure to take responsibility for North Korea. China essentially fostered the creation of North Korea and has kept it alive to date. If China wanted a say in how the matter is resolved, it had ample opportunity but instead chose to use North Korea as a destabilizing distraction. China, inveterately bolstering and using North Korea for its own purposes, no longer deserves to be in the loop.

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U.S.-South Korean joint military exercises it says model a “pre-emptive nuclear attack”

They're inferring about the 'Virginias'. Stealthy subs and heavily armed. They'll be protected by 'Wolves' of course. They're ready. We wait for them to attack. That way we can say, "They drew first blood, not me."

-1 ( +1 / -2 )

For sanctions to have teeth, the Government of China support must be unequivocal. Every sector, communication, energy, agriculture, mining, cut the regime completely off, every product, processed or manufactured. Nothing in nothing out ruthlessly enforced. And be seen to prepare for war.

-1 ( +1 / -2 )

@Sabrage - I agree with you. NK has little to lose and a sociopath at the controls. China will rattle sabers about the defense shield because they are being China. The latest statement by North Korea is provocative to the extreme and shows signs of how crazy Kim is.

@SmithinJapan - As much as I share the opinion Trump is not fit to be president I do not agree with your statement. There is plenty of ammunition to attack Trump and that type of statement is a bit extreme.

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Yesterday on the radio they were talking about NK source of income. It looks as if they export bronze statues for African dictators with an agent in Italy in which they cleverly conceal the origin as if it was produced in Italy.

1 ( +2 / -1 )

@drollq but until those countries that trade with NK anyway, feel come blowback and cease, nothing will change.

With regard to North Korea, people keep knocking China, for good reason, but why aren't they looking at Tsar Putin and his oligarchs? Right wingers continue to give Russia a pass.

Putin's global media empire has done a good job of selling him while undermining the US and its institutions. Kim's a loose cannon, but Putin's more dangerous.


-2 ( +1 / -3 )

I say lets go to war! it will help the economy in Asia.

-9 ( +0 / -9 )

All parties concerned should work together for the denuclearisation of the (Korean) peninsula and its peace and stability,” Fu said.

If we are talking about the denuclearisation of the (Korean) peninsula, then this is all China's responsibility. NK is nuclear; SK isn't. Since NK is China's stooge, the onus is on them to denuclearize the peninsula. THis is China's responsibility and will be China's fault if war breaks out. They have a loose canon in NK and so far they have done nothing to reign him in. They have no right to talk about the safeguards of their security interests. A good safeguard for China's security interests would be to neutralize or at least control that psycho in the north. That's what they need to do.

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North Korean despot dictator Kim Jong Un, will not negotiate willingly, every UN resolution to compel him to has failed. Time to face reality, and insist that failure to agree sanctions that produce results will be the last straw.

The Government of Japan must prepare the country for war. The diet must debate fully proposals to place the economy on a war footing. Bills must be readied to increase the capabilities armed forces substantially, to be able to strike as well as repel attack from ground, sea and air.

Above all the US President must fill the post of a Ambassador, so the Government of Japan can communicate through the highest envoy protocol procedure in the event of necessary arrangements for large scale evacuation of US citizens who wish to return to America, including US military personals families.

North Korean despot dictator Kim Jong Un has brought Japan to this point, he is threatening the people of Japan cities annihilation with nuclear weapons. Time to stop appeasing him.

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China needs to put a lid on NK thats exactly what THAAD is forcing China to do, if you dont like advanced weapons sytems this close to your country then get you NK buddy into line.. or shut up!

-1 ( +1 / -2 )

America needs Rumsfeld back, he would sort them out! the terrorist state should have been blown to bits decades ago! they have no business being on the earth, just troublemakers. Invade, Divide, Conquer - just like in the old days

-7 ( +0 / -7 )

Any arms buildup . . . . especially nuclear will like add to pollution of the region.

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For all those saying, 'Let's go to war, let's just nuke NK, let's just wipe them out"... do you even stop to consider all the innocent people who will be killed in such a case... soldiers (on both sides), families torn apart... The citizens of NK don't deserve to die anymore than citizens of any other country do. If their leader wasn't who he was, the North could have developed much like the South. War only destroys and we need to help these enslaved citizens, not obliterate them. China, US and all other world leaders need to work together to find a solution that is quick, absolute and poses the least risk to human life.

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@ Iomae yes thats true, but in extreme situations like this, and in syria, there will be some collateral damage. after an initial large number of civilian C-damage has occurred perhaps the North will be willing to come in line. its a tactic which is tried and true, unfortunate as it is

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And if there is a war, the heavy price to be pay dearly were Japan and south Korea. Abe can gamble for his country if he call up his nationals for war if they were competence enough to take on N. Korea.

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U.S. calls it 'pariah'

People in glass houses.

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As much as everyone hates trump, i wish kim jong fatty would say something about him so we can hear the insults he would publicly make, it would be absolutely hilarious

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Sabrage: "North Korea is dangerous because they have vey little to loose."

Actually, they have a LOT to LOOSE, like cannons, missiles, and probably even bows and arrows. But they don't have much to LOSE, no.

Tokyo-Eng: Disagree with it all you want; it is a commonly known fact, and has been recorded, and Bannon wants war and has bragged that it is coming soon, with it starting in East Asia. The scary part is that war is the ONLY thing that is going to extend the short shelf-life of the current Trump government, so they are pushing for it. You think it's a coincidence Kim's going off the rails now, after Trump gets in? and just when he has spent his entire campaign making an enemy out of China, too?

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There is absolutely no chance of nuclear weapons being used against NK, even if they were dumb enough to launch one first. That kind of indiscriminate killing is simply unthinkable in this day and age.

They will destroy the NK regime strategically and clinically - targeting and pinpointing the leadership and key military facilities and installations in the blink of an eye. It would already be very intricately planned.

Then, it's up to the resolve of the NK army and how loyal and fanatic the REALLY are. But you'd have to ask yourself what the incentive is with the snakes head cut off.

But the North Koreans won't push it too far. They know it's their death warrant if they do.

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China warns it will be head on collision if N Korea testing missiles and US and South Korea jointly military exercise.

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I cannot imagine any democratic Government ever resorting to the tactical or strategic first strike use of nuclear weapons. It is just unthinkable. The North Korean dictator just might though, pushed into a corner humiliated. So it will be convincing him that the retaliatory consequences will be devastating and final.

Any scenario that involved the exchange of weapons of mass destruction, will affect the people of South Korea as much as the North. Ha ve to say it's a bit late in the day for Politicians to suddenly draw to the conclusion that they are trying to reason with a deranged maniac

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"Three of the missiles landed 186-217 miles (300-350km) from the Oga peninsula in Japan’s Akita prefecture, according to the country’s defence minister, Tomomi Inada."

according to: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2017/mar/06/north-korea-fires-unidentified-projectile-into-sea-of-japan

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1000 hunter seeker drones should do the trick. Send in a set once a month until the leadership is gone

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"“THAAD is purely defensive, that is the only defense measure we can take facing the massive threat posed by DPRK,” South Korea disarmament ambassador Kim Inchul said."

Ha! What else would he say? In a purely Game theoretical sense, he would have to say this!

N. Korea must play it's best option in case THAAD is capable of offensive measures...and that is pursue it's Nuclear deterrent. S. Korea knows this...the U.S. knows this as well (And Japan, China, Russia, etc..). This is all a huge strategic plan by all sides to come out with an advantage. Those that would demean the N. Korean Government for pursuing it's best strategy reveal their ignorance of the situation, and their bias to their own countries.

We consider N. Korea "dangerous"..and that is EXACTLY what they are aiming at. To be considered NOT DANGEROUS is to be weak. In today's world, no country would desire to be seen as a weakling.

-2 ( +0 / -2 )

Gaijin Playa, is that the sound of you volunteering for the front lines? Seen MASH? Expect much, much worse.

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Those two cities that were bombed were filled with civilians, not soldiers. Families. Children.

"Democratic"?? More like "Barbaric".

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