N Korea warns U.S. could 'pay dearly' for human rights criticism


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Playing big while just being a proxy shouting sovereignty stuff!

What a - bad - joke!

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Yeah yeah, these little dogs are all bark and no bite. They know exactly what will happen to them should they attack America or any other country

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But all the liberals criticized Trump for not bringing up human rights.

now can even one liberal see why that was?

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Go take a hike NK

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Where can I order a statue like that?

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all bark and no bite.

Try telling that to Kim Jong Nam.

They know exactly what will happen to them should they attack America or any other country.

Just like when they sunk the Cheonan, shelled Yeonpyeong island, or carried out a high-profile assassination using a banned WMD nerve agent in the middle of an international airport. What exactly will happen?

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You could try to take one, but you'd end up in a north Korean prison, tortured, and probably killed. Dont even look at them too hard.

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Haha, but I read that China and Russia are trying to get the sanctions eased so that the DPRK can legally sell these statues to dictators abroad. Perhaps Putin wnats one, or he is trying to facilitate a favor for someone in return for something else?

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N Korea warns U.S. could 'pay dearly' for human rights criticism

IOW: “waah waah, waha, waah waah”

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The North Korean regime is gonna look pretty funny making all these threats when they're melted into a puddle of molten glass...

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Thought Trump had solved the NK problem as he claimed! Oh, Donny was talking out of his ....... again. What a surprise.

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So they will launch another rocket into the ocean on Xmas day. So what.


Go away little man.

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N.Korea can't take criticism? Of course you're not going to get respect if you harm your own people and expect others take care of them with "foreign aid" while you go rattling war sabers, tyranny, and live the good life while your own countrymen starve. Yeah, **** you NK.

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North Korea is nothing more than a yapping chihuahua. Vicious and nasty, but easily kicked to oblivion if needed.

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U.S. could 'pay dearly'

Tell them we can't pay, we're $22 trillion in debt thanks to out of control government spending over the last few decades.

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Blah, blah, blah....sorry, what did Kim say?

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USA 2.5 million in prison 70 k juveniles many not even for offenses god bless America

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I'm sorry, did NK say something? I couldn't hear the voices of the starving, poor and prison-held citizens.

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