North Korean Olympics message may signal halt to missile tests: analysts


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What a picture!

Two idiots, two world peace thread leaders are shaking hands.

Only Putin is missing!

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At least until the end of the games, then it’s fireworks time again.

And China’s reaction? Nod, nod, wink, wink.

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That 3-year-old photo @Monty 3:32pm is from their face-to-face (pre-pandemic) meeting Jun 20, 2019 in Pyongyang:

- “In this image taken from video footage run by China's CCTV, Chinese President Xi Jinping, left, and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, right, shake hands before their meeting in Pyongyang, North Korea, on June 20, 2019. (CCTV via AP)” -

Putin was busy elsewhere that day: holding a LIVE press conference, in Moscow, and broadcast on ‘Channel One’.

*- @Monty 3:32pm: “What a picture! … Only Putin is missing!*

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*That 3-year-old photo @Monty 3:32pm is from their face-to-face (pre-pandemic) meeting Jun 20, 2019 in Pyongyang*

That doesn't make the photo better.

3 years ago, they were already idiots and a thread to the world peace.

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Kim of course does what his paymaster Xi tells him to do. And Xi wants no disruption to his Olympic self-promotion show.

Btw, does the Kim in this photo not look younger than our usual Kims?

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Two idiots, two world peace thread leaders are shaking hands.

Only Putin is missing!

Putin should be our natural ally. He would only join these two because Western warmongering politicians force him to.

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Btw, does the Kim in this photo not look younger than our usual Kims?

That would confirm what snowymountain is saying: the photo seems 3 years old.

No idea why JT use a three year old photo and wrote under the photo, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un (L) has congratulated Chinese President Xi Jinping (R) on a successful start to the Beijing Winter Olympics.

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and also L and R are mixed.

*North Korean leader Kim Jong Un (L) has congratulated Chinese President Xi Jinping (R) on a successful start to the Beijing Winter Olympics.*

Moderator: Thanks. That has been fixed.

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Really 3 narcissist brutal rulers all wanting more… message clear. Like a group of psycho killers they are teaming up to grab, control, brutalise anyone within their reach and together doing a global reach around on us all. I’m sure I’d make lots of new friends in a Chinese// Russian/ N-Korean re-education camp as I munch grass.

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North Korea is barred from competing at the Beijing Games

Banning North Korea just because they didn't attend the Tokyo games at the height of the pandemic is one of the IOCs most absurd decisions. Perhaps NK was always planning to boycott Japan, but their excuse was reasonable.

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Putin should be our natural ally.

Putin is another master of oil, who's probably not capable of having allies, because he has to be THE master, and has to be shown to his Russian followers to be tougher than Stalin, who actually was willing to co-operate to a degree with allies. Putin is closer to Xi, than any other leader in the global establishment. Putin and his partner the Ayatollah have the gas and oil China needs to take greater control.

The China/Russia/Iran Consortium are set to become even more dominant, making pro-authoritarians around the globe happy. The rest of the world will be stuck for generations breathing the fumes emitted by vehicles and industrial plants while the Consortium's richest can continue their lavish lifestyles.

The Consortium will be the latest imperium, which should please those who prefer totalitarianism to democracies. One of the reasons western democracies have not been as effective as they should be is because the west's oil barons have had a stranglehold on politics and the economies throughout the globe for decades. As long as the oil barons and the oil states continue to have such control, expect the physical environment to worsen, and the quality of life on the planet to also get worse. And expect the barons and ilk to have even greater control over governments. Rightists may cheer on Putin, his oligarchs and their fellow masters. But they should not complain if the middle and working classes around the globe see their lives get more difficult.

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Get Bach on the phone, N Korea 2030 has a ring to it doesn't it?

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Expotential Witness

North Korea WILL launch a Missle during the Olympics in order to "Show the World" that they have "Power".

Will NOT launch as missle if Xi tells Kim not to. As he apparently did. Want to bet?

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North Korea sent "warm congratulations" Friday to ally China ahead of the opening of the Beijing Winter Olympics, a message analysts said likely signals it will stop test-firing missiles during the event.

The surrealism, is spell binding.

The North Korean Government will halt the developing ballistic missiles, for the sole purpose Beijing Winter Olympics is a success?

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A totalitarian soggy biscuit this Olympics will be.

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Can anyone here read the Korean language in photo?

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Can anyone here read the Korean language in photo?

Only the part of it which is not covered: Munje jeongchijeong haegyeol peuloseseu jiji

Which means something like Advocating the problem political process

But my limited knowledge of Korean is lies already more than a decade back....

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Basically, China bribed NK to act right during the Olympics. They do not want anyone to steal their shine.

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Thanks” for the Korean translation @KuroTokage 7:55pm. Seems the article above’s indicating Kim will ease off during China’s Games then, he’ll be back to business-as-usual shortly thereafter. The ‘approved’ choice of a specifically dated photo serves as a reminder to the world that the periodic saber-rattling & grandstanding-in-tandem have been in the works for many years now:

Original headline June 20, 2019: “In Pyongyang, Xi and Kim discuss nukes as speculation grows over possible message to [then American President].”

Original Photo Caption: “People watch a television news screen showing North Korean leader Kim Jong Un shaking hands with Chinese President Xi Jinping, at Seoul railway station in north the South Korean capital on Thursday. / AFP-JIJI

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But each time china wins something, they’ll fire off another missile

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Why not hire Kim to perform closing ceremonies, with a fireworks display. Kills 2 birds with one stone and saves money..

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"The International Olympic Committee punished the no-show by suspending it from competing in the Beijing Winter Games."

And what of all those 'Western' voices loudly advocating boycotting the Chinese Olympics? And given that the 'COVID crisis' is still in full swing which was their original reason for not attending the Tokyo event, Bukhan would probably have bowed out attending these Winter Games as well on its own for the same reasons. And when did NOT sending teams to the Olympics become a punishable offense? Oh yeah, when an opportunity to propagandize the disobedient came up. Countries all over our ever smaller planet test missiles routinely yet only Bukhan gets the honor of loud condemnation if they so much as pass gas...and so many Humans continue to believe the transparent lies and empty and hypocritical accusations that our power structures manufacture against those who refuse to kneel before them...

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